Bill Split request tracking

Hey team

I was wondering whether it will be possible to add a feature to that will allow the tracking of requests? I have used the circle app which has this feature, but it would be great if you could integrate this feature so that monzo is an all in one solution :slightly_smiling_face:


This sounds interesting, do you mean a feature that lists your requests & whether they requested payment has been sent or not? Is there any other functionality here that I haven’t mentioned? I’ve just skimmed through Circle’s website but I couldn’t find any detailed explanations of this feature works…


I thought I’d download Circle’s app & take a look at the feature. I wasn’t able to complete a request unfortunately (make a payment to myself in response to a request) but here’s a couple of screenshots of what it looks like -

That’s it in essence. The request will show as pending until it is paid.

At the moment the customising of the link is just URL driven in terms of completing the amount and description, rather than whatever they have going on at circle.

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This would be a great idea, would make it simple to see whether you had been payed that request, when you requested it and so on

This seems like a great idea!

It could also be combined with the soon-to-be-here splitting feature in the sense of providing a current tally between any two people. E.g. showing that person X has asked person Y for £2.00, £3.00 and £1.00 but has also been asked for £4.00 and £3.00 by Y so X owes Y £1.00.

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I suspect we will probably offer something like this eventually. We tend to release “MVPs” to see how people use features, and then iterate on them, rather than spending longer building what we see as more “comprehensive” features.

You may wonder why!

First, it allows us to be much faster in release cycles, and get product into users’ hands more quickly.

Second, it allows us to observe emergent behaviours, and design features around how people actually use them, rather than how we imagine people will use them. Fundamentally, it helps us make something people want.

For example, the intersection of payments with friends and chat is interesting. It’s something we’d like to explore further this year.

The next steps for is embedding a “split bill” button into a transaction with a simple calculator. Ie, I’ve just spend £60 for dinner at Pizza Express. With a couple of taps, I should be able to split this 4 ways and send a link to 3 friends. On the page, the friends can see the transaction information (location, name, logo etc. Maybe even a photo of the bill).

Tracking who has/hasn’t paid is a more complex problem, so it may take a little longer to implement.


any more thoughts on this?
essentially this is the main reason I got monzo, to request payments and keep track of who has or hasn’t paid, is it something which is still being looked at?

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I would like to second that request (was just about to post a new one to the community board).
For me this has been a UX issue for a while and it is starting to annoy me a little.
Here is my use case: My partner and I use Monzo to share spendings. When one of us goes to the supermarket or pays tickets for the cinema, we simply share with 1 person. I use the sharing option via WhatsApp (because this is the channel we use most for our comms).

(1) Did it send?
When I select my partner’s name from my contact list and share the link, I get sent back to the Monzo interface where I see the amount I would like to share. At this point I am never sure ‘Did I send the request or not?’ (If I go into our WhatsApp chat I can see the link was sent but that is not a practical). It would be more intuitive to have a confirmation screen “Your request was sent to…” when I’ve shared my link out of Monzo.

(2) Tracking
Since I am sending the ‘share payment link’ via WhatsApp, our every day communication tool, sometimes the link moves down the chat and we forget to pay each other. In Monzo, there is no interface in place to track whether a payment / sharing request I sent to a contact has been accepted or acted upon or if it is pending. WhatsApp or whatever 3rd party sharing tool we use is the only way to keep track of this - and so sometimes payments become forgotten. I think the integration with WhatsApp is neat but I would prefer to have the 'payment request inbox’ or history in the Monzo App itself.

(3) What did you share?
And one more thing relating to the same issue: When sharing a payment with someone, I would like to be able to categorise this payment like I do with any other. I don’t care so much who shared it with but I do want to know whether it was for ‘eating out’ or ‘groceries’ or something else.


Yes! This is what we need. I can’t keep up with if people have actually paid me back for things…!

I’m using quite a bit now but especially for when people owe me for football or just splitting a bill!


Really good suggestion.

Not sure if this could work with current standard, but I think it could work with Bill Splits since those links are meant to be used once.

If an option was added to create a one-time-use request in the Payments tab then it could be tracked.