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I would like to share some feedback about and since I couldn’t find a similar topic, I am creating a new one.

I know that payments costs money to Monzo, and it would be best avoided. For the occasional, quick, and easy transaction from a friend or acquaintance, I think it is fine. I rarely use it, however within the past month, I found myself using it twice to receive small amounts of money from a couple of colleagues.

Both of them, failed to pay when they believed that they had already done so. I had to go through the process with each of them individually to see why they believe it was all done.

The problem was the 3D Secure authorisation page. After they input their details and continue to the authorisation page, they go through their bank’s validation. In my colleagues’ cases, Natwest and Santander. After the successful authorisation, a message is displayed that confirms the authorisation is complete.

Natwest does not refresh the page and has an ‘Exit’ button instead. Which is misleading as the user believes it has all gone through.
Santander refreshes the page after a while, but the message is misleading indicating that it is all done.

I believe that Monzo can make changes to at least indicate some of these things. Perhaps, it would be more clear if the 3D Secure window was a modal instead of integrated within the page (is this an iframe?). Additionally, there could be some instructions added to help the user understand that they need to receive a success (or failure) message from Monzo, so they either need to wait more, or click that ‘Exit’ (or could be ‘Continue’ etc in other banks) button.

To say the least, the whole process was not very pleasant for them as they were not sure if the money had gone out of their accounts or not. And, subsequently, they immediately dismissed my points for why they should get a Monzo account.

I do not want to turn this into a discussion of ‘just don’t use’, ‘it costs money to monzo’, etc. These have already been discussed elsewhere, and if Monzo thinks it is suitable they can withdraw the service or introduce fees. Let’s talk about the actual issue here, which is the misleading authorisation messages during the process and bad experience this may cause to a potential new Monzo customer.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.
Thanks all


I’ve seen a similar problem on Chrome on android when a payment fails, but the error message is at the top of the page. You have to scroll up to see it, otherwise you’d just think the page had frozen.

I think email receipts would be a good idea as well

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There are already email receipts for when the transaction completes.
I still think a bit more clarity in the page would be great for the less tech-savvy.