Monzo Labs: Easy Bank Transfer

Ok so having now tried this within the new Monzo Plus.

Wow - this is so good, now that the account is linked I totally get why this feature exists, I’ll use that nearly every day



On to the third feature now? :wink:

I’m gonna go and lie down in a dark room


:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

In all seriousness congrats on the releases, the open banking stuff is :ok_hand:

I’d say you should be proud of your team but i’d assume you already are :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the communication too, it’s great to see so many Monzo faces lately

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You couldn’t have named this feature any better, just tried it with my RBS account and it’s so easy. Took out the faff of opening my RBS app entirely, thanks

Amazing work @kieranmch - congrats to you and the team.

I’m curious about the integrations for Account Aggregation. How come M&S bank isn’t shown here, but is in the Easy Bank Transfers?

I’m also curious where TSB sit amongst all of this?

It’s a lot easier to test payments than account aggregation

That makes sense. Is there a plan/roadmap for adding more banks to the account aggregation/easy bank transfers? If so, is/can any of it be shared? :slight_smile:


I’m still having this issue, and now on my shiny new Monzo Plus account :slight_smile:. Has it been figured out why this is broken for Cloudflare DNS yet?

good work! this a long waited feature.
Quick question, for every PI it seems I have to go through selecting a bank and auth process before I can make the transfer. Considering most users will only have a couple of regular bank accounts, after using an account once it can be listed somewhere?


Using this made me realise how weirdly clunky and cumbersome the Halifax app is. :no_mouth:

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If you get Monzo Plus you can move money from Connected Accounts directly


I’ve Monzon Plus. But I top up Monzon accounts using the option of Easy Transfer I still have to go through a whole list of banks nothing to do with me and select the one I want to transfer from. This is a hassle, I would only expect this to happen first time I link with that bank account.

If you have Plus - as in the Plus that launched yesterday - from the home screen, tap on ‘Plus’ at the bottom and then tap on ‘Other accounts, in Monzo’ and setup your accounts to be ‘in-app’. This is a one-time setup process.

In future, from ‘Home’, scroll right to go to the required external account and tap on ‘Move Money’ to move money to your intended Monzo account.

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This wonderfully includes the joint account too as the destination account :clap:


Great feature! Worked really smoothly with Nationwide, opening the app directly, aLowing next to use Face ID, a better experience than I expected.

One question, is the only way I can get to it using the notification in the home page feed? I went looking in Payments > Request but couldn’t find it.


It’s located in “Add Money” under your card:


I’m guessing if you have plus or a new card due it’s only under your connected account card?

I haven’t got plus and it is there for me. I’m on Android

Though if you have a new card coming, it might be why the to activate button is there

Hey @albertmonzo & team - loving this feature. One question, though.

I have my Natwast account within Monzo and I can move money easy from it to Monzo using the tool. Is it just one way though?

It would be awesome if you could make it two way there, eg move money to it, rather than having to go to the payee’s screen to do this.

Is that something the tool could/might support?