Monzo Labs: Easy Bank Transfer

I know you can’t talk about future releases but hypothetically from an open banking /technical perspective in the future could this be used in this scenario. Say you want to pay your AMEX bill you could send money the other way ?

I don’t, sorry :frowning:

I got the ‘you’ve got money’ notification with the money dropping sound then a few minutes later got one saying your transfer from Lloyd’s arrived (your cool new notification)

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This was something we started looking into when working on the TrueLayer integration, and I think the answer is that it varies depending on the provider.

For Amex I think the difficulty is that if you want to pay your card by bank transfer then you need to supply your full card number (PAN) as the payment reference. We’d have to see if the Amex API lets us read that (and whether we’re comfortable asking for customers to share that very sensitive data with us) before being able to build that feature.

From a purely technical perspective though? I don’t see why not!


Is there potential to be able to add custom references rather than auto populated in the future?


Works flawlessly with Barclays personal banking on Android 10. Fingerprint login on both apps whilst switching/deep-linking/being redirected between them, all good.

Like others have said before, it is not fewer clicks than having a saved payee in other banking app, but it’s certainly less worrying to simply accept all steps - double checking pre-populated values is more “sane” than triple checking manually selected payee every single time without this feature.

I suppose it could be beneficial to have those transactions categorised separately from other transfers. I can see the “MONZO-XXXXX” reference which is nice and could be used to find them all, but perhaps adding a tag (that I just found out about!) would be nice?

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Yes! We’re using Monzo-BLAAH references for now in case we need them to reconcile payments for certain providers in the future, i.e. to figure out which incoming payments are the one that you made.

But from what we’ve seen so far that’s not necessary, so we’re likely to switch to letting you write a reference like we do for regular transfers


I don’t see this in labs?



Fantastic, you’re all killing it!

Thanks for the response


Tested with Halifax and it works perfectly.

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This is fantastic but I do have one very slight bug/annoyance to report.

When typing in the payment amount you can enter pounds and tens, but then the units autocomplete.

e.g. if I wanted to transfer £2.61, the input field allows me to type the ‘2’, the ‘.’ and the ‘6’, but then a ‘0’ autocompletes to give £2.60.
The only way to add units is to delete the 0 and type a 1.

Really, none of this should autocomplete and I should have to type in the full value. Apologies if I haven’t explained this very well, I can probably DM/email someone a screen recording if it helps.

App: 3.40.0
OS: Android 10
Device: Note 10+

Must just be and Android issue, not present on iOS. That sounds annoying though

You’ll need to be on the latest version from the app store/play store!

Think I’d prefer if it populated right to left so inputting “261” would be £2.61 and “26100” would be £216.00

Edit - Here’s a gif of the auto fill:



We’ll definitely have to blog about all the engineering work that went into this. You would not believe the amount of work that happens in the background to make it all happen. We spend most of our time designing for the < 1% failure edge case.

In particular we measure in detail the amount of time each step of the journey takes (for EVERY payment by every user) to monitor in real time when there are problems with other banks, and trigger a circuit breaker. We also have systems that perform liveness checks in production on a schedule and mark problematic banks as unavailable when they don’t respond, to catch problems before customers do.


I don’t have another bank account, so not sure why I went and enabled this to have a look!


Me neither lol


I don’t want another bank account either, so if you’d like to go and have a nice quiet word to whoever is in charge of cheques, then i wouldn’t need another account and therefore your new features :wink: :rofl:

Not sure if that’s a compliment or an insult, either way, I do like this feature


Tested on both HSBC and Nationwide. Both worked very well. Also feels much more secure having to authenticate using my other banks’ apps!

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Yeah I am full Monzo +Amex so can’t even test it :sob:

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