Monzo Labs: Connected Credit Cards

That article does not mention anything about Tandem releasing an API, which is what Monzo, Truelayer or anyone other aggregator would need to connect to your Tandem account. Truelayer won’t help them with this. The first thing to establish (by asking Tandem) is if/when they will be releasing an API. Once that’s been released, then Trulayer and Monzo can be asked if/when they will be supporting it.

The partnership described in the article only relates to providing Tandem with the ability to display 3rd party accounts in the Tandem app.

Same here… after I literally posted a few days ago that mine was still connected and worked perfectly fine :pensive:

I guess they’ve actively closed the old implementation down, then.

Tandem have been using Truelayer for at least a couple of months now - I think it’s just taken them some time to issue a press release.

Ah. That is much less exciting then.

As clearly no API from them the other way yet then.

Just spoke with Truelayer and apparently they plan on providing support for all supermarket credit cards ‘by the end of the year’ so should be able to add cards from Tesco, Sainsbury’s etc in the next month or so :slight_smile:

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Any reason why Barclaycard was removed? I had it setup but I forgot my code and got locked out from my barclaycard account, I went to set up again and its not there :frowning:

The reason hasn’t changed since I answered the same question in this thread yesterday, that’s for sure! :slight_smile:


So much for the whole open banking from older banks, bring on the Monzo Credit Card


Hoping someone is able to help,

Barclaycard has vanished from the connected credit card list and now my balance never updates aswell. I removed it to re- add it and now it’s gone completely.

Does anyone know why this is because they are on my other banks apps through open banking.

Thanks for your helps

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There’s a thread on the credit card thing. They removed Barclays. So if you removed your card you’d have no way to add it back again.

As above…


Thanks for clarifying that. We shall just let Barclaycard suffer a slow death

I have an update for everyone here, I hope this helps


@mycl sorry my Halifax card is disconnected again.

Hey @mycl my Halifax card is still not updating as well.

You checked it out a couple of weeks ago for me (via app chat), and got me to reconnect the card, but I hadn’t made any further payments to it until recently so was not aware if the balance was still not updating or if it was fixed. It’s still not updating though :cry:.

Looking back I’m not sure it has ever updated since Truelayer switched from screen-scraping to the open banking APIs. (Aside from when I disconnect and reconnect the card obviously).

Dear god…please let me connect my amex card this century!!:palms_up_together:


My only dilemma with them launching Amex integration is that I’ll then want my Amex transactions to count against summary / budgets :smile:. Obviously they won’t to start with but I think that’s the longer term goal?


That would be perfect :pray: . I’m really stuck atm trying to work out the best way to keep tabs on both. Gone through so many Emma, Yolts copies but I really just want the same budgeting Monzo has but including Amex transactions.

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:eyes: :pray: