Monzo is offering contents insurance

(Drew sanders) #21

£10k contents - not a chance for any home owner!
Washer, dryer, oven, microwave, dishwasher, fridge freezer then TVs = £10k

(Kieren) #22

It’s worth noting also that a lot of insurers consider carpet as contents…

(chrisdalziel) #23

I actually think £10k is a good amount for basics.

White goods like washer, dryer, dishwasher, microwave etc. can be really cheap - you could probably get the lot for between £1k-5k depending on quality. You’d be hard pressed to claim TVs are expensive (most are cheaper than a new iPhone) and then that just leaves laptop, phone etc.

I think this is targetted at renters rather than than owners too. Most renters have less stuff, particularly appliances.


If the out of home coverage was good enough for my iPhone I would probably switch for £7. At the moment I pay approx £10.50 for contents insurance which also includes out of home coverage.


Agreed, 10k is probably absolute minimum basic cover for contents. I insure buildings and contents every year, usually costs me around £100 combined. That includes contents cover up to 50k and buildings cover up to £1 million. Actual rebuild cost for my property, about 160k where I live according to the ABI.


Contents insurance is meant to cover what you have, not what you could buy the cheapest if you had to replace it all. Most TVs might be cheaper than an iphone, but you just said it, ad on an iphone and computer as well.

If you add up whats in your home, it can very quickly go past 10k without you even realising just how much its all worth.

If this is the case then it would be a subset of renters, that would be a bit odd to limit your audience to such a small population.

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #28

It depends on what you’ve got. By the time you’ve replaced all the furniture and carpets, there might not be much left for the 4K TV,

(Emma (still not the app)) #29

I priced up how much my white goods cost new and it was under £1300. How on earth can you spend £10k on them :flushed:

(chrisdalziel) #30

Yep - can’t disagree really. Absolutely depends on what contents you have but I do think this offer would work for a decent proportion of renters - particularly those in their 20s!


While I am all for buying things like insurance through Monzo I would need a ^lot^ more information on what the insurance actually covers, and what the exclusions are.

(Splodf) #32

I don’t reckon ours is anywhere near that either and we’ve got two freezers and a range cooker.

That said if we’re factoring in carpets furniture and everything else in the house, it’s a little on the low side.

(Emma (still not the app)) #33

Argos’s finest, and the carpets belong to the landlord :woman_shrugging:

I insured for 6k and it’s more than enough. Everyone has different needs


My washing machine cost £950. It’s now 7 years old and was designed to last for 25 years. You get what you pay for…

Home theatre set up, £3k, TV, £1k, Kitchen Aid toaster, 90 quid, Wife’s Kenwood mixer, £450…see where we’re coming from? :joy:

(Kieren) #35

It soon mounts up when you add the TV Stand to the cost of your TV, Sofa, Dining Set, Bookcases, Shoes, Clothes, Jewellery, Consoles, Cookers, Kettles, Vacuum Cleaners, Beds, Mattresses, Sh!t in the loft (if you have one)…

As with anything it depends what level of stuff you have in your home - fo example, my TV alone cost me £800, add an Xbox and a Playstation… then there are people who have a £100 TV, £20 DVD player and no consoles…

But even for low spending households I still feel £10k is quite low… but thats just my opinion


It’s not the big items that cost the money, its the small ones, that £100 microwave, that £50 kettle, that £100 set of saucepans, The crockery and cuttlery £100, a wardrobe £100, a bed side table £50.

Bedding sets at £40 a pop, Duvets at £30. Clothing, most people have hundreds of pounds in clothing and that’s not including those than spend £500 on a jacket.

Home insurance isn’t just for the big things.

(Chris Rimell) #37

The question with contents insurance is how much would it cost to replace what you have if you lost everything. Imagine a fire and you loose all your contents (not just your white goods). That includes your entire clothing and furniture collection.

When it comes to building insurance, how much would it cost to rebuild your home from scratch (it’s more than people imagine).

Yes, people do have different needs, but underinsuring is just as devastating as having no insurance at all

(Kieran) #38

You do get a PDF which explains all this but I can’t find a way of uploading it here.

I’ll try uploading it to google drive :slight_smile:

EDIT - Link here:

(Emma (still not the app)) #39

War is never covered :disappointed:

(Drew sanders) #40

Exactly what I was kinda saying.
We have contents for £60k.
It all adds up. Our sofa is £3k alone.

(Splodf) #41

Thought we was going down the road of…

“War never changes…”