Monzo in the media

(Michael) #290

With the software I develop at work I can be thinking in terms of years rather than months for some features

I appreciate the desire for more features and better features, but maybe expectations for progress are overly high

I have only been with Monzo since August, but it already feels like a lifetime when it is only a few months

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #291

I’m not sure whether international transfers have had much loving attention since they were introduced.

(Marcel Ruhf) #292

Oh yeah, they could definitely do with some love (payee management would be great :eyes:)

(Marcel Ruhf) #293

Sure, it’s not feature-complete, but saying “it’s still not working properly” doesn’t really fit the bill here - they’ve satisfied the bulk of the demands of being able to have multiple accounts under one payee. Besides, they’ve said that this functionality will still be added (during another iteration). In the announcement post, they specifically said this is what they have now and it’s not completed yet.

It’s why it’s called an iteration.
Besides, I don’t think you can ever meet everyone’s needs, no matter what you implement.

That’s fair enough.

The “move on” strategy is quite common nowadays.
I’d rather get access to things when they “ready” (as in most basic form acceptable to users), rather than having to wait. It also allows them to get feedback early on, rather than launching something with a “Big Bang” and it potentially not meeting user needs.


(Colin Robinson) #295

The bank will open a waitlist, initially accepting only the first 100 applicants into beta testing.

Get in quick!


They do love to highlight the “loss making” aspect in pretty much every headline.

(Colin Robinson) #297

new age cards like Monzo

(James ) #298

This was on the news today and I wondered why Monzo wasn’t mentioned? :thinking:


Seems like nobody at Monzo was asked:

“The rankings are drawn from the views of 16,000 people (1,000 from each bank), who were asked how likely they would be to recommend their account provider to friends and family.”

(NM) #300

It was the most popular current account providers

(Michael) #301

Most popular in the sense of most people of having accounts with them?

I note that advertisers often (deliberately) confuse most popular and most bought

Anyhow, don’t Monzo now have more accounts than First Direct?

Let us see again next year!

(NM) #302

Yeah most popular in the sense of most people have an account with them. Yeah but I assume who ever made the original survey probably had an agenda

(Michael) #304

Yeah, agreed. Metro seemed their chosen outsider

(NM) #305

I found the original survey :stuck_out_tongue: