Monzo in the media

I got through it by speed-reading in, like, 12 minutes. But I did see:

“Revolut is a UK banking service that turned into a proper bank”

There may be some critical clarification missing there. 1st half of sentence is literally correct in UK, second half is correct in EU, but not UK - yet. UK banking license applied for, but not yet active?


I think they can be forgiven for that as their target audience is obviously Americans, and detailed regulatory complexities around how Revolut is licensed and Brexit-related changes to their business aren’t going to be relevant to Americans.

It is basically a true statement, even if it comes across as slightly misleading to those of us more familiar with the details.


Interesting to see that Monzo doesn’t really feature among the coolest neobanks or fintecth startups from the author’s perspective.

For reference: listed are
Revolut, N26, Bunq, Kontist (never heard of them before), Starling, Curve, and Klarna.


I’m honestly surprised Starling were mentioned but Monzo were not. From an outside perspective Monzo is cooler. They have the quirky millenniallised (my word, just invented it, don’t @ me frauded haters) name. I’d go as far as to say that when it comes to fintech Monzo’s name is my favourite out of them all. Monzo. It just rolls off the tongue nicely. I hated Mondo though so I’m glad it changed.

Starling feels rather boring just with a Morden app. I wonder if app interfaces are what they’re going at here, judging from the options they went with. Monzo’s app UI is one of the weaker offerings in terms of how appealing it is to look at. Whereas Starling’s pulse screen certainly looks cooler. N26 has just nailed the minimalist interface that so many people, Americans especially, love.


This makes sense to me.

I do feel that Monzo’s main app screen has lost a uniquely identifying feature since they got rid of the Pulse Graph.

I know lots of people didn’t like it, but it was something that showed you straight away “this is Monzo and only Monzo has this”, so it worked as a sort of visual branding as well as functionally.

Now the app is functional but, to be blunt, a bit bland. I also personally dislike how white everything looks now (partly because it feels too plain and partly because I’m used to dark mode in most of my other apps).


If it doesn’t involve leaving to go and farm alpacas, I’m not interested :wink:


I continue to be baffled by the value people see in crypto. This does not seem a sensible career move to me.

(Also Luno made one of the games I play on my phone almost unplayable for a while, because they ran ads through it but the ads were messed up and displayed wrongly so you couldn’t actually close them :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:)


It’s an expensive game of pass the parcel and when the music stops a whole lot of people are going to be incredibly upset.


It’s not as exciting as farming quiffed peruvian llamas and joy-riding tractors, but helping teenagers hodl all the shitcoins is still pretty interesting compared to the endless meetings with accountants and regulators that he must have been subjected to for 2 years.

Now that all the interesting people have left, can we get our heads down and build a financial control centre for a billion people the most compliant regulated financial entity in the world? :nerd_face:


This news was already posted above via a different outlet, but on the topic of ‘Monzo in the media’ this headline nails home where Monzo is right now in the eyes of some in the media. They are no longer one of many plucky ‘challengers’ or a ‘neobank’, they are Digital Banking Giant Monzo, according to Yahoo Finance :sunglasses:


I’d feel dirty opening a yahoo link, I’ll have to take your word for what it says :sweat_smile:

Unlike his counterparts at Starling and Revolut, Monzo chief executive TS Anil does not explicitly address his rivals



The crypto space is predicted to increase 15x by 2030.