Monzo in the Maldives 🇲🇻


I’m new to the whole Monzo Revolution.

Will Monzo work in the Maldives?

Cheers :slight_smile:

Hi, good question :smile:

As a general rule, Monzo should work anywhere that MasterCard cards are accepted but I can’t find any feedback from other users who’ve been, within the community or on Twitter so hopefully you’ll be the first to let us know :raised_hands:

In the meantime, this video’s a great overview of how to use Monzo while travelling, no matter which country you’re visiting -

I hope that (sort of) helps :slight_smile:

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9 uses in the Maldives way back when it was Mondo -


I’m heading there in a couple of weeks - keen to know how easily it was accepted. (I’m assuming it was all A-OK?)


Probably be ok, if your going to a resort and in Male airport. Not sure about in Male itself (didn’t venture into it)

If it’s an all inclusive resort… take US dollars for tipping!

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Ahhh, excellent tip, thanks! Will get some USD before I go.
I’ll mostly be on a resort so thinking it should be ok. :slight_smile:


No worries. General tipping rules:

Bag carriers… couple of bucks each.
Room cleaner, we gave ours $5 every second day - nothing was a problem at any time.
Waiters, you can either give them a dollar every time or one big tip at the end. If you’re all inclusive, on the 2nd or third day “your guy” (Our waiter ended up being a guy called Sa’id) will know what you usually want and get it for you.

Hopefully some useful tips, we went 3yrs ago and would love to go back!