Monzo in Spain

Recently back from a trip to España and everything worked like a treat (almost).

:mondo: card accepted in every shop, restaurant and ATM I visited.

Only Issue with a toll booth near the french boarder

So I am not sure if I happened to choose a faulty booth or it didn’t accept PrePaid cards however after trying to pay with my :mondo: card, it was rejected. I tried with my Barclays card and that too was rejected. Now with a long line of cars behind me, I pressed the help button and someone visited the booth I was at. After paying in coins, he had trouble opening the gate with his ID card. It took about 5 minutes of of him inserting his ID card for the barrier to open.

I assume it was a faulty barrier and a restart fixed the issue however, I still do not know if it accepts the :mondo: card :thinking:

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