Monzo in Slovenia 🇸🇮

Has anyone used Monzo in Slovenia?
I’m travelling there is a few weeks and wondering if the card is widely supported.

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Monzo worked everywhere I tried it. Didn’t try any ATMs though


I had no problems with ATMs in Slovenia

I just want to add, be prepared that the the cashiers will routinely want to take your card in their hand and stick it in the terminal for you. The card remains all in plain sight and it’s slowly becoming less common, but don’t be surprised if they stick their hand out. If you don’t feel comfortable with this, stand your ground by holding your own card at all times (as you should).

The contactless revolution is in full swing there but still lagging behind the UK for things like the vending machines and parking machines.

Currently in Ljubljana with Monzo, and all is working well. Abanka ATMs as well as NLB ATMs work, as well as the local Spar. Used Monzo in Ljubljana and Piran and it’s worked well so far.

Also tested HipHop/Petrol stations, they seem to work.

Small update on this, I’m back in Slovenia again. However, ABANKA ATMs are now charging 4EUR for non Slovenian bank withdrawals.

It’s accepted but the problem I find is using it! A lot of places do want cash (take aways, renting electric scooters at tourist locations, buying a train ticket when inside the train, etc…). :worried: So you would need to keep some cash to be safe.

Hello :).

Anyone can suggest branches where take money without encountering fees for non Slovenian bank withdrawals?

Thank you.

I found the dark red bank ATMs - can’t remember what actual bank it was were fine.

Was one of these?

I am quite surprised about this so I went looking.

As per their very extensive service fee list, this should only apply to cardholders outside EEA (see point 5-7-1-1). The UK is still very much in the EEA so if you want you have every right to contest this.

Their email is

Just back.

I have used NBL to take cash using Monzo and another online banking card. Both were not charged with extra fees.

This month in Slovenia, both NKBM and Euronet ATMs wanted to charge me for cash withdrawals, €4 and €3.95 respectively. I didn’t get the chance to check NBL.

General card acceptance was widespread and problem-free. Card machines had a good UX flow for when the contactless limit had been reached, just asking for the pin and not needing the card re-presented. This is something I’ve not seen in the UK, where sometimes it feels like you get declined and then have to restart the whole payment.


Yes, Contactless & Pin is really something we should have in the UK. Declining a transaction is really poor UI design when all is needed is a PIN for further verification.