Monzo in Poland [Discussion] 🇵🇱

Even if it doesn’t, check the conversion rate vs Monzo’s (which you can see here), I’m willing to bet that it’s significantly worse…


Hi I have just come back from Poland.

my card worked on ryanair.

Local shops bars.

And i used it in duty free in shop in airport.

Like above hard rock cafe charged me in pounds and did not give me the option to pay in zoly.

the zoly exchange rate when using the card for purchases was 4.80.

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Thank you Alex! :smiley:

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Well, no more polish Monzo users since July 2017? Why it not became so popular as Revolut?

My visit to Poland is coming to the end. Here is my financial summary with Monzo:


PKO BP - worked fine, no extra costs
Planet Cash (outside biedronka) - worked fine, no extra costs
Powiatowy Bank Spółdzielczy - worked fine, no extra costs. Offered its own exchange rate but only as an option.

Contactless / google pay worked literally everywhere with no exceptions.

I also have Nationwide FlexPlus Visa Debit Card which has free withdraws abroad as well. ATMs wise it was:

PKO BP - would work but only with their exchange rate and 7.5% commission so I gave up.
Planet Cash - Worked fine. It offered me its own exchange rate but it was just an option.
Powiatowy bank spółdzielczy - declined.
BGŻ Bank Handlowy - worked fine. Again, offered its own exchange but only as an option.