Monzo in Oman [Wiki]

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Oman uses Omani rials (OMR).

OMR 1 equals around £2.

Card usage

Chip & PIN is everywhere. Contactless payments are also available almost everywhere. You can pay by card even in small local shops.


ATMs are widespread in Oman, even in small towns. You won’t have a problem with finding one.

Bank Muscat = free

Payment and withdrawal limits

The maximum limit per single transaction is OMR 20. If your transaction is bigger than OMR 20 you
will be prompted to enter your PIN.

Crowdsourced merchant data


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You’ve left a lot of the default text in and you’ve not made it a wiki either :smiley:

I’ve made it a wiki so edit away.

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I used my card in Muscat just over a year ago, worked no problem :ok_hand:

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