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The official currency of The Kingdom of Norway of the Norwegian Krone (NOK). Usually abbreviated to kr.

Card usage

Almost every merchant will accept chip and pin transactions. Magstripe is rare, but supported by foreign cards, because no Norwegian issued card will do magstripe transactions in Norway. Contactless is available in many locations and the availability is expected to improve. Notably contactless is not available in any grocery store or supermarket, though EMV payments will work. There are usually no fees for Mastercard transactions. Sometimes NFC payment is only allowed for local cards (BankAxept), if this is the case one can usually pay with EMV.


All Norwegian ATMs support EMV withdrawals. Fees varies. Most ATMs support English.

Payment and withdrawal limits

Crowdsourced merchant data


Card or mobile payment is required by all Norwegian Coca Cola vending machines. For markets, flea markets etc. cash is required as most don’t support card or NFC payments. The natives use the local payment app Vipps. Apple Pay is available to pay for public transit tickets in the Vy (trains and some busses) and Ruter (busses and trams in Oslo and Akershus) apps for iPhone. Most local busses do not accept card payments, in these cases you can pay cash (smaller notes or coins preferred) or use their app. The name of the app is usually the name of the operating company some times followed by the word “billett” (operators include, but are not limited to: AtB, Kolumbus, AKT and Skyss).

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You might want to add that Apple Pay is accepted in the NSB-app (For buying train tickckets) and in the Ruter-app (For buying Bus, Tram and Train tickets) in and around Oslo.

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Yeah, I’ll update it. I forgot, I don’t live near Oslo or trains at all, so…