Monzo in North Macedonia 🇲🇰

So I’m planning a trip to Ohrid in July. I was wondering if anyone has been and tried to use Monzo there. I know I will still need cash for some things but I was wondering if:

  • Should I exchange my pounds to denars at the airport upon arrival?
  • would the Monzo exchange rate be much different from the one offered at the Ohrid airport?
  • Will I have to pay any fees for using my Monzo card?

Thanks in advance!

The airport is the worst place to get currency. Try and get some before you go if you can. I’m not sure if M&S/Post Office do Denars, but they usually offer good rates.

Monzo will use the Mastercard exchange rate if you’re buying with your card from a shop or something. But if you’re buying from the airport, the rate is usually terrible.

No fees.


After a quick google search it doesn’t seem that neither M&S/Post office offer Denars.
Most of the info I’ve found online says to exchange at the airport in Macedonia or at a high street bank there. I assume the rates might not be that great, but it seems to be the only option?

Looks like you can’t get Macedonian denars from Forex places in the UK, which would be why in this case changing on arrival at airport is a valid suggestion.

In theory the best rate you will get is using your Monzo card in an ATM, but you will have to be aware of your Monzo limits, and I don’t know if Macedonian ATMs put any of their own charges on top.

Google suggests that you can use Euros in Macedonia, and that these may be preferred at touristy places anyway.

If you do get any denars, make sure you spend them all before you return to the UK as you won’t be able to change them back here.

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Thanks for the info Nick! Apparently they do take Euros in Macedonia but my friends who are local say that usually businesses that take Euros mark up the prices to scam the tourists, but that locals usually pay much less, which is why I want to use Denars instead.
Was also looking at the possibility of a card like Revolut that allows to hold multiple currencies but there doesn’t seem to be one that lets you hold denars :man_facepalming:t4:facepalm
I guess I’ll have to exchange some money and carry cash everywhere

Might be a silly question, but where do your friends get cash from? If they know of no-fee ATMs thats probably your best option as Nick says.

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My friends are actually local to FYROM so I assume they can withdraw for free from their bank’s ATMs. I’ll definitely ask if they know about the fees though

Worth asking your friends how many places are cash-only, so you can limit yourself to only carrying as little cash as you may actually need.

I should’ve said this in my first reply when answering the question of how to best get cash by saying use your Monzo card at an ATM - if the places you go to take card payments, using your Monzo card to pay is even an even better option. Just make sure you don’t accept Direct Currency Conversion (where the machine shows the price in pounds instead of local currency).

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I used Monzo card at ATMs in Ohrid in 2018 with no problems.

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Used without issue have a great time!

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