Monzo in Morocco

I heard the exchange rates in Morrocco aren’t good with Monzo.

For the best exchange rate is it better to take some cash out and do it the old way?

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There’s a thread over here :smiley:

Might be worth giving a shout in there, if you’re planning on a trip to Morocco :wink:


I’m in marrakech at the moment and thought I’d share a tip… I tried a number of ATM’s with my monzo card all were refused… I have now discovered that the screens aren’t lined up with the amounts shown on them so if you hit the 500 Dirham button it counts it as zero and rejects the transaction… Hit the 300 button and 500 Dirham comes out sweet as a nut…
Good luck all… But please carry some cash cards aren’t taken in the vast majority of places and whilst there are ATM’s they don’t always work… But there are loads of exchange booths…

Moved you post here John, thanks for the advice