Monzo HQ Moving - Again! (2019 redux)

Would be cool to have Pictures of Monzo cards stuck in ATM slots or other places where hot coral cards have died in service in like the reception.

Boden will be foaming, she’s paid all that money out getting the glass permanently frosted. Hopefully Revolut, N26 or god forbid Fidor Bank take over the old Monzo lease so there’s at least some sense the spend was worth it.

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It’s the same distance to walk from the station as the current place. A rather drab, lifeless, windy corner that, but closer to Spitalfields if that’s your thing.

It’s also on the correct side of the road to actually be in the Square Mile, so a step up in status, to equal Starling, I guess.


I dropped mine in the self-service till at Tesco yesterday and they had to take the till apart to get it back :man_shrugging:t2:


This is a huge bet on their future growth.

Edit - (removed comparison to shopping centres where I’d mixed up my sq metres and sq feet)

It’s a shame @simon won’t be there to fly a drone around it :unamused: or will he??


A branch



I wonder if they will sub let certain sections / floors until they need the space?
I suppose it depends how fast they expand their London team.

18 months max until they need somewhere bigger

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Do COps have to be in London?

They don’t even have to be in an office! Some are at Cardiff, some are remote

Exactly. I wonder why they don’t spread things around cheaper areas.

I think it’s the case that the majority of COps don’t work in London. We have the Cardiff office (which is almost entirely COps), Vegas (which is also majority COps) and then a huge amount of us work distributed :blush:


I am sure they do try to, and aim to further, for some functions, but things like legal and compliance and the like do need to grow as well and do benefit from being in the square mile (as compared to the wrong side of the street!)


Oh right - I thought London was also majority COps

It’s most filled (from top to bottom) with all the other people who help Make Monzo, Monzo. There’s designers, engineers, marketing, analysts, social media experts, legal teams, people (our version of HR) and loads of other roles.

I didn’t quite realise how many ingredients were needed to make a successful bank recipe! :see_no_evil:

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I wonder if Tom did, when starting out :wink:

That same point came up during the recent discussion of the now ~1500 microservices. Lots of moving parts, but at least for Monzo they are specifically enumerated!

I’m looking forward to watch the videos of ‘The Future of Monzo’ on Monday. I would have loved to have gone, but I couldn’t get to London this weekend. You never know, they might answer that question there :man_shrugging:t2:

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It’s a big office but minuscule compared to the likes of Westfield. Think you’re getting your sq m and sq ft muddled…


Broadgate is a very cool part of London! :sunglasses:

Westfield stratford city retail floor is just under two million square feet. Trafford center is a bit bigger.

Above article quotes 120,000 sq ft. Not even close!