Monzo Forum Stats 📈

After clicking around on the site, I noticed the stats on the community page were a bit off :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I thought that it might be an automatically updating page but I’ve noticed no differences for several days :yum:

Just thought I’d point out that it doesn’t match up to the stats which Discourse is spitting out :eyes:

This is an incredibly minor thing but thought I’d point it out :innocent:


It looks like these stats are just hard coded to the page rather than dynamically pulled or anything like that :thinking:

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Thanks for spotting these. We hadn’t updated them in a while as we’ve been planning on revamping that entire site.

But I’ll update them in the meantime. (We’ll do some clever coding to avoid having to do this if we end up doing the revamp).


Awesome! Nice one Richard :sunglasses:

Ooo :eyes: A revamp sounds pretty cool :boom:

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