Monzo for Android - Teardowns & Deep Dives 👨‍💻

No. You said new app icons were coming. You can’t claim you knew about the cards when they were announced 10 days ago :sweat_smile:


No teardown last week by @davidwalton. After the Neon cards incident I always think that he’s been slapped with another of @AlanDoe’s superinjuctions if it doesn’t pop up…

(I know the answer is probably boring and that everyone needs a holiday).


There were actually 2 teardowns last week - one on Thursday (4.40.0) and a very quickly released 4.40.1 (:bug: fix)

I recently switched away from HeyWorld ‘blog’ posts back to my GDrive/Docs to store the teardowns, which means auto-pushing of new posts won’t happen for any HeyWorld subscribers - making it look like I’ve gone dark.

Instead, click/tap on the CartoonDW avatar image (top-left of this post) and then the… link for the latest & greatest. I might still post easter-eggs in posts just to wind everyone up further :supervillain:

No superinjunctions slapped or other gagging-order-type requests - just a service change!

Although I will be off-forum in 2weeks for a couple of weeks - HOLIDAY!!!. #Fend4YaSelves

Hint to :monzo: - launching JA parity, pot-to-pot tansfers, cheque imaging and investments should happen in 2 weeks if you wanna keep it under wraps :wink:


Poor Gourmet Society. We never even knew you.

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Cheque imaging!?


There was an element of tongue-in-cheek with that one. That entire line in fact!

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Basically, do it whilst he’s away so he can’t spoil or leak it :joy:


:man_facepalming: maybe I should actually read.

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So cheque imaging confirmed, right? :eyes::zipper_mouth_face:

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It’s spelled “Joint Account Parity”.

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Anyone know what’s happened to Monzo updates? The app used to be updated once a week. No longer:

What’s up?

  • Revised release schedule?
  • Holidays?
  • Nothing to update?
  • They’ve accidentally lost all their app devs?
  • Super secret changes being hidden from @davidwalton ?
  • Something else?

Even more curiously, it seems like iOS is rolling on:thinking:

Still gets weekly updates on Apple :person_shrugging:.

One out today on iOS, and one on the 4th!

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Conspiracy confirmed!!

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Hey! :wave:

Unfortunately there’s no juicy conspiracy behind this :frowning:
But everything should be back on track this week


You could have pretended there was :eyes:


To be fair, no confirmation that there wasn’t a conspiracy, just not a juicy one. Boring conspiracies are all the rage, I hear.

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As if by magic, a Wild Monzo appears!


Ah, you get the cheesy one. :cheese::mouse_trap:

Ah I got this earlier today.

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Android missed 4.42.0 for some reason. App versions went from 4.41.0 to 4.43.0 :eyes:

But yes, appears to be back on track for :android: again.

And I got a different set of update notes!