Monzo for Android - Teardowns & Deep Dives 👨‍💻

Version 4.2.0 (62.04 MB) :tada::tada::tada: - Did you know ants have superhuman strength? According to the Journal of Biomechanics, the average field ant can carry almost 5,000 times its own weight. Impressive, huh? We’re big fans of bugs – except when they’re in your banking app. We got rid of the critters so managing your money should be smoother than ever.

New Strings:

<string name="invoice_action_cancel">Cancel invoice</string>

<string name="invoice_business_details_contact_details">Your business details</string>
<string name="invoice_business_details_show_logo_subtitle">Show your profile image as your logo on this invoice for a more personal touch</string>
<string name="invoice_cancel_warning_message">This invoice will no longer be active</string>
<string name="invoice_cancel_warning_title">Cancel invoice?</string>
<string name="invoice_created_primary_button">Share invoice</string>
<string name="invoice_customer_entry_email_hint">Customer email (optional)</string>
<string name="invoice_details_payment_details_header">Payment details</string>
<string name="invoice_details_payment_details_marked_as_paid">Marked as paid</string>
<string name="invoice_details_summary_header">Summary</string>
<string name="invoice_details_supply_date_subtitle">A supply date is needed if the date is different to when a VAT invoice is issued</string>
<string name="invoice_entry_footer_section_footer">300 characters max</string>

<string name="loan_application_intro_cta_button_text">Tell me more</string>
<string name="loan_application_intro_header">More control, less hassle</string>
<string name="loan_application_intro_item_four">Chat to friendly real people at any time</string>
<string name="loan_application_intro_item_one">Apply in 5 minutes</string>
<string name="loan_application_intro_item_three">Pay back early for no extra cost</string>
<string name="loan_application_intro_item_two">Get your loan the same day</string>
<string name="loan_application_intro_padlock_info_text">Monzo will never contact you and tell you that you need to take out a loan. If that has happened, please chat to us in the app.</string>
<string name="loan_application_intro_title">Loans from Monzo</string>

<string name="txui_virtual_card_section_title">Paid from %s</string>
<string name="txui_virtual_card_section_title_legacy">Paid with</string>
<string name="txui_virtual_card_widget_subtitle">•••• •••• •••• %s</string>
<string name="txui_virtual_card_widget_subtitle_legacy">Virtual card</string>

Removed Strings:

<string name="invoice_action_void">Void invoice</string>
<string name="invoice_business_details_contact_details">Contact details</string>
<string name="invoice_created_primary_button">Share invoice PDF</string>
<string name="invoice_customer_entry_email_hint">Customer email</string>
<string name="invoice_details_header">Invoice details</string>
<string name="invoice_void_warning_message">This invoice will no longer be active</string>
<string name="invoice_void_warning_title">Void invoice?</string>

<string name="txui_virtual_card_section_title">Paid with</string>
<string name="txui_virtual_card_widget_subtitle">Virtual card</string>

New IDs

<item type="id" name="invoiceDetailsFieldSubtitleView" />

<item type="id" name="loanApplicationIntroButtons" />
<item type="id" name="loanApplicationIntroContainer" />
<item type="id" name="loanApplicationIntroHeader" />
<item type="id" name="loanApplicationIntroImage" />
<item type="id" name="loanApplicationIntroItemCheck" />
<item type="id" name="loanApplicationIntroItemTextView" />
<item type="id" name="loanApplicationIntroLoading" />
<item type="id" name="loanApplicationIntroScrollView" />
<item type="id" name="loanApplicationIntroToolbar" />

<item type="id" name="paymentFeeRowLeftDetailView" />
<item type="id" name="paymentFeeRowTrailingSubtitle" />
<item type="id" name="paymentFeeRowTrailingTitle" />
<item type="id" name="paymentFeesButtonsFooter" />
<item type="id" name="paymentFeesRecyclerView" />
<item type="id" name="paymentFeesTitle" />

Removed IDs:


New Assets:


Changed Assets:


Deleted Assets:


:eyes: :speak_no_evil:


I want passive aggressive chat support :rofl:


It’s already passive aggressive

No app update for me yet :worried:

Me neither. iOS testflight 4.3.0 is out there though. Play store delays… :sleeping:

:rotating_light: 4.3.0 :rotating_light:

#ReturnOfThePulse (preparation) :eyes::soon:

Not really, just the already leaked graph for Trends.


Version 4.3.0 (63.35 MB) :tada::tada::tada: - Introducing Trends! In-depth insights, all in one place for spending and saving in your Monzo and non-Monzo accounts.
Head to the new Trends tab in your app to see how you’re doing!
Also new this week – Monzo Plus and Monzo Premium customers now get 0.3% cashback on international transfers, or £3 for every £1,000 sent, on up to £25,000 of transfers a year.

New Strings:

<string name="add_new_payment_method">Add a new payment method</string>

<string name="address_label_ae_emirate">Emirate</string>
<string name="address_label_au_suburb_or_city">Suburb or city</string>
<string name="address_label_bb_jm_parish">Parish</string>
<string name="address_label_cedex">Cedex</string>
<string name="address_label_department">Department</string>
<string name="address_label_district">District</string>
<string name="address_label_hk_area">Area</string>
<string name="address_label_ie_eircode">Eircode</string>
<string name="address_label_ie_townland">Townland</string>
<string name="address_label_in_pin">Pin</string>
<string name="address_label_island">Island</string>
<string name="address_label_jp_prefecture">Prefecture</string>
<string name="address_label_kr_do_si">Do Si</string>
<string name="address_label_neighborhood">Neighborhood</string>
<string name="address_label_oblast">Oblast</string>
<string name="address_label_post_town">Post or Town</string>
<string name="address_label_suburb">Suburb</string>
<string name="address_label_village_township">Village or Township</string>
<string name="address_label_zip_code">ZIP Code</string>
<string name="address_postal_code_invalid">Your postal code is invalid.</string>

<string name="bank_account_ending_in">Remove bank account ending in %s</string>
<string name="becs_mandate_acceptance">"
 By providing your bank account details and confirming this payment, you agree to this
 Direct Debit Request and the Direct Debit Request service agreement, and authorise
 Stripe Payments Australia Pty Ltd ACN 160 180 343 Direct Debit User ID number 507156
 (“Stripe”) to debit your account through the Bulk Electronic Clearing System (BECS) on
 behalf of %1$s (the \"Merchant\") for any amounts separately communicated to you
 by the Merchant. You certify that you are either an account holder or an authorised
 signatory on the account listed above.

<string name="billing_details">Billing address</string>
<string name="blank_and_required">This field cannot be blank.</string>
<string name="cancel">Cancel</string>
<string name="card_ending_in">%1$s ending in %2$s</string>
<string name="change">Change</string>

<string name="delete_payment_method">Delete Payment Method</string>
<string name="done">Done</string>
<string name="edit">Edit</string>
<string name="email">Email</string>
<string name="email_is_invalid">Your email is invalid.</string>

<string name="iban">IBAN</string>
<string name="iban_incomplete">The IBAN you entered is incomplete.</string>
<string name="iban_invalid">The IBAN you entered is invalid.</string>
<string name="iban_invalid_country">The IBAN you entered is invalid, \"%s\" is not a supported country code.</string>
<string name="iban_invalid_start">Your IBAN should start with a two-letter country code.</string>

<string name="invoice_details_payment_link_label">View your payment link:</string>

<string name="material_motion_easing_accelerated">cubic-bezier(0.4, 0.0, 1.0, 1.0)</string>
<string name="material_motion_easing_decelerated">cubic-bezier(0.0, 0.0, 0.2, 1.0)</string>
<string name="material_motion_easing_emphasized">path(M 0,0 C 0.05, 0, 0.133333, 0.06, 0.166666, 0.4 C 0.208333, 0.82, 0.25, 1, 1, 1)</string>
<string name="material_motion_easing_linear">cubic-bezier(0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 1.0)</string>
<string name="material_motion_easing_standard">cubic-bezier(0.4, 0.0, 0.2, 1.0)</string>

<string name="paymentsheet_payment_method_item_card_number">····%1$s</string>

<string name="remove">Remove</string>

<string name="stripe_3ds2_brand_cartesbancaires">Cartes Bancaires</string>
<string name="stripe_3ds2_brand_unionpay">UnionPay</string>
<string name="stripe_expiration_date_allowlist">0123456789/</string>
<string name="stripe_failure_connection_error">We are experiencing issues connecting to our payments provider. Please check your internet connection and try again.</string>
<string name="stripe_failure_reason_authentication">We are unable to authenticate your payment method. Please choose a different payment method and try again.</string>
<string name="stripe_failure_reason_timed_out">Timed out authenticating your payment method -- try again</string>
<string name="stripe_google_pay_error_internal">An internal error occurred.</string>
<string name="stripe_paymentsheet_add_button_label">Add</string>
<string name="stripe_paymentsheet_add_payment_method_button_label">+ Add</string>
<string name="stripe_paymentsheet_add_payment_method_card_information">Card information</string>
<string name="stripe_paymentsheet_add_payment_method_country_or_region">Country or region</string>
<string name="stripe_paymentsheet_add_payment_method_title">Add your payment information</string>
<string name="stripe_paymentsheet_afterpay_clearpay_message">Pay in 4 interest-free payments of %s with</string>
<string name="stripe_paymentsheet_back">Back</string>
<string name="stripe_paymentsheet_close">Close</string>
<string name="stripe_paymentsheet_eps_bank">EPS Bank</string>
<string name="stripe_paymentsheet_expiration_date_hint">MM / YY</string>
<string name="stripe_paymentsheet_form_label_optional">%s (optional)</string>
<string name="stripe_paymentsheet_ideal_bank">iDEAL Bank</string>
<string name="stripe_paymentsheet_or_pay_using">Or pay using</string>
<string name="stripe_paymentsheet_or_pay_with_card">Or pay with a card</string>
<string name="stripe_paymentsheet_p24_bank">Przelewy24 Bank</string>
<string name="stripe_paymentsheet_pay_button_amount">Pay %s</string>
<string name="stripe_paymentsheet_pay_button_label">Pay</string>
<string name="stripe_paymentsheet_payment_method_afterpay_clearpay">Afterpay</string>
<string name="stripe_paymentsheet_payment_method_bancontact">Bancontact</string>
<string name="stripe_paymentsheet_payment_method_card">Card</string>
<string name="stripe_paymentsheet_payment_method_eps">EPS</string>
<string name="stripe_paymentsheet_payment_method_giropay">Giropay</string>
<string name="stripe_paymentsheet_payment_method_ideal">iDEAL</string>
<string name="stripe_paymentsheet_payment_method_p24">Przelewy24</string>
<string name="stripe_paymentsheet_payment_method_sepa_debit">SEPA Debit</string>
<string name="stripe_paymentsheet_payment_method_sofort">Sofort</string>
<string name="stripe_paymentsheet_primary_button_processing">Processing…</string>
<string name="stripe_paymentsheet_remove_pm">Remove %s</string>
<string name="stripe_paymentsheet_save_for_future_payments">Save for future payments</string>
<string name="stripe_paymentsheet_save_this_card_with_merchant_name">Save this card for future %s payments</string>
<string name="stripe_paymentsheet_select_payment_method">Select your payment method</string>
<string name="stripe_paymentsheet_sepa_mandate">By providing your payment information and confirming this payment, you authorise (A) %s and Stripe, our payment service provider, to send instructions to your bank to debit your account and (B) your bank to debit your account in accordance with those instructions. As part of your rights, you are entitled to a refund from your bank under the terms and conditions of your agreement with your bank. A refund must be claimed within 8 weeks starting from the date on which your account was debited. Your rights are explained in a statement that you can obtain from your bank. You agree to receive notifications for future debits up to 2 days before they occur.</string>
<string name="stripe_paymentsheet_setup_button_label">Set up</string>
<string name="stripe_paymentsheet_total_amount">Total: %s</string>
<string name="stripe_postalcode_placeholder">12345</string>
<string name="stripe_verify_your_payment">Verify your payment</string>

<string name="title_add_an_address">Set Address</string>

Removed Strings:

<string name="add_card">Add a new debit or credit card to make purchases in this app.</string>

<string name="address_label_apt">Apt.</string>
<string name="address_label_name_optional">Name (optional)</string>
<string name="address_label_zip_code">ZIP code</string>
<string name="address_postal_code_invalid">Your postal code is invalid</string>
<string name="address_shipping_address">Shipping Address</string>

<string name="becs_mandate_acceptance">" By providing your bank account details and confirming this payment, you agree to this Direct Debit Request and the &lt;a href=>Direct Debit Request service agreement&lt;/a>, and authorise Stripe Payments Australia Pty Ltd ACN 160 180 343 Direct Debit User ID number 507156 (“Stripe”) to debit your account through the Bulk Electronic Clearing System (BECS) on behalf of %1$s (the Merchant) for any amounts separately communicated to you by the Merchant. You certify that you are either an account holder or an authorised signatory on the account listed above. "</string>

<string name="delete_payment_method">Delete payment method</string>
<string name="ending_in">%1$s ending in %2$s</string>

<string name="incomplete_expiry_date">"Your card's expiration date is incomplete."</string>

<string name="no_payment_methods">No payment methods.</string>

<string name="title_add_an_address">Add an Address</string>

<string name="valid_digits">0123456789</string>
<string name="zip_helper">12345</string>

New IDs

<item type="id" name="add_button" />
<item type="id" name="add_payment_method_card" />
<item type="id" name="add_payment_method_header" />
<item type="id" name="address1" />
<item type="id" name="address1_divider" />
<item type="id" name="address1_layout" />
<item type="id" name="address2" />
<item type="id" name="address2_divider" />
<item type="id" name="address2_layout" />

<item type="id" name="amountTextView" />
<item type="id" name="appbar" />

<item type="id" name="bank_list" />
<item type="id" name="basicInvoiceDetailsCard" />

<item type="id" name="billing_address" />
<item type="id" name="billing_address_label" />
<item type="id" name="billing_errors" />
<item type="id" name="bottom_sheet" />
<item type="id" name="bottom_space" />

<item type="id" name="businessLogoImageView" />
<item type="id" name="button_container" />
<item type="id" name="buy_button" />
<item type="id" name="card" />

<item type="id" name="card_errors" />
<item type="id" name="card_info_label" />
<item type="id" name="card_loading" />
<item type="id" name="card_multiline_widget_container" />

<item type="id" name="city" />
<item type="id" name="cityInputLayout" />
<item type="id" name="city_layout" />
<item type="id" name="city_postal_container" />
<item type="id" name="city_postal_divider" />

<item type="id" name="confirmed_icon" />
<item type="id" name="confirming_icon" />

<item type="id" name="country_layout" />
<item type="id" name="country_postal_divider" />

<item type="id" name="delete_icon" />
<item type="id" name="divider_text" />
<item type="id" name="errors" />

<item type="id" name="footer_container" />
<item type="id" name="fragment_container_parent" />

<item type="id" name="google_pay_button" />
<item type="id" name="google_pay_button_icon" />
<item type="id" name="google_pay_divider" />
<item type="id" name="google_pay_mark" />
<item type="id" name="header" />

<item type="id" name="invoiceNumberTextView" />

<item type="id" name="lock_icon" />

<item type="id" name="navigation_bar_item_icon_view" />
<item type="id" name="navigation_bar_item_labels_group" />
<item type="id" name="navigation_bar_item_large_label_view" />
<item type="id" name="navigation_bar_item_small_label_view" />

<item type="id" name="paymentLinkButton" />
<item type="id" name="paymentLinkGroup" />
<item type="id" name="paymentLinkGroupDivider" />
<item type="id" name="paymentLinkLabel" />
<item type="id" name="paymentLinkTextView" />

<item type="id" name="payment_method_fragment_container" />
<item type="id" name="payment_methods_recycler" />

<item type="id" name="plus_icon" />
<item type="id" name="postal_code" />
<item type="id" name="postal_code_container" />
<item type="id" name="postal_code_layout" />

<item type="id" name="primary_button" />
<item type="id" name="progress" />
<item type="id" name="save_card_checkbox" />
<item type="id" name="scroll_view" />

<item type="id" name="state" />
<item type="id" name="state_divider" />
<item type="id" name="state_layout" />
<item type="id" name="statusPillTextView" />
<item type="id" name="stripe_payment_methods_add_netbanking" />
<item type="id" name="stripe_payment_methods_footer" />

<item type="id" name="top_container" />
<item type="id" name="total" />

Removed IDs:

<item type="id" name="country_autocomplete" />
<item type="id" name="country_text_input_layout" />

<item type="id" name="fpx_list" />

<item type="id" name="invoiceCreatedAmountTextView" />
<item type="id" name="invoiceCreatedBusinessLogoImageView" />
<item type="id" name="invoiceCreatedBusinessNameTextView" />
<item type="id" name="invoiceCreatedDescriptionTextView" />
<item type="id" name="invoiceCreatedNumberTextView" />
<item type="id" name="invoiceCreatedPaymentLinkButton" />
<item type="id" name="invoiceCreatedPaymentLinkGroup" />
<item type="id" name="invoiceCreatedPaymentLinkLabel" />
<item type="id" name="invoiceCreatedPaymentLinkTextView" />
<item type="id" name="invoiceCreatedStatusPillTextView" />

<item type="id" name="labelGroup" />
<item type="id" name="largeLabel" />

<item type="id" name="smallLabel" />

New Assets:


Changed Assets:


Deleted Assets:


That’s a lot of international options their. Eircode is Irish republic

Stripe for business accounts?

Stripe integration started a few releases ago, but yeah all the Irish stuff is new and I’m not sure what these IBAN things are. Perhaps Stripe, business accounts, Wise or something else :man_shrugging:

I don’t think they’d have taken the effort to improve the Wise integration and to launch the cash back if they were going to do it themselves

Unless it’s just for business accounts

:rotating_light: 4.4.0 :rotating_light:

It’s a :cut_of_meat: y one (apologies to Vegan/Pescatorian/Vegetarian/etc.)

The return of Midnight Sky (VC) and proper referrals?
Even a fix for iOS users and the disappearing nav bar :+1:

Where’s that teardown?



oh em geee I forgot! it has been such a busy week.

I hope I get paid overtime for working at the weekend… one teardown coming right up!


Version 4.4.0 (65.93 MB) :tada::tada::tada: - Calling all Monzo Business customers – it’s time to get paid, the easy way.

Turn hours of admin into a few taps with payment links and invoices. They’re easy for you to set up and your customers to pay, whether that’s by easy bank transfer (free until 2023) or by card (fees apply). Good news all around.

New Strings:

<string name="card_design_name_midnight_sky_flex_plus">Midnight Sky - Flex Plus</string>
<string name="card_design_name_midnight_sky_flex_premium">Midnight Sky - Flex Premium</string>
<string name="card_design_name_midnight_sky_flex_standard">Midnight Sky - Flex</string>
<string name="midnight_sky_with_blue_squiggle">Midnight sky with blue squiggle</string>
<string name="midnight_sky_with_hot_coral_squiggle">Midnight sky with hot coral squiggle</string>
<string name="midnight_sky_with_white_squiggle">Midnight sky with white squiggle</string>

<string name="summary_overlay_top_categories">TOP:</string>
<string name="summary_overlay_transfers_in">IN: %s</string>
<string name="summary_overlay_transfers_out">OUT: %s</string>
<string name="summary_reference_average">"%s
<string name="summary_title_last_week">Last week</string>
<string name="summary_title_this_week">This week</string>

Removed Strings:

<string name="androidx_camera_default_config_provider">$DefaultProvider</string>

New IDs

<item type="id" name="accountRowTrailingIcon" />

<item type="id" name="image" />

<item type="id" name="itemManageCardRowCardView" />
<item type="id" name="itemManageCardRowListItemView" />

<item type="id" name="tag_view_cache" />

<item type="id" name="view_transition" />

Removed IDs:

<item type="id" name="infoActionButtonPrimary" />
<item type="id" name="infoActionButtonSecondary" />

New Assets:







Changed Assets:


Deleted Assets:


Them flex virtual cards look nice


Nice update :eyes:


They do, but if they could have gone for the monochrome / white MasterCard logo on the Premium version (like you see on the metal card) then it would be perfect!

(Although still the irony that the Plus version is nicer than Premium)


They’d look nice as actual cards as well :eyes:

Maybe. I think people who argue mobile wallet is all they need is a majority. I’d like a physical card. I don’t think they will tbh. It’s designed to be cardless I think

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