Monzo for Android - Teardowns & Deep Dives 👨‍💻

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:rotating_light: 4.0.0 :rotating_light:


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I’ll crack on with the teardown after work :bowing_man:




Version 4.0.0 (62.34 MB) :tada::tada::tada: - This release is an exciting one - v4.0.0.
We have big news, we’ve launched Monzo Flex!
It’s a better way to pay later pretty much anywhere you use Monzo, on pretty much whatever you want. One up-front application and a pre-agreed credit limit, all in your Monzo app.
If eligible, you can pay in 3 instalments at 0% interest, or over 6 and 12 instalments at 19% APR (variable).
To get early access, tell us you’re interested in the app and we’ll let you know when your invite’s ready.

New Strings:

<string name="overdraft_setup_no_thanks">No thanks</string>

<string name="wise_cashback_amount">Amount sent</string>
<string name="wise_cashback_amount_failed">Transfer failed</string>
<string name="wise_cashback_cashback">Monzo Plus cashback</string>
<string name="wise_cashback_cashback_failed">Returned due to failed transfer</string>
<string name="wise_cashback_cashback_pending">Upcoming</string>
<string name="wise_cashback_failed_subtitle">Transfer failed</string>
<string name="wise_cashback_fee">Wise fast and easy fee</string>
<string name="wise_cashback_fee_failed">Refunded</string>
<string name="wise_cashback_learn_more">Learn more about cashback →</string>
<string name="wise_cashback_section_details">Transfer details</string>
<string name="wise_cashback_subtitle">For your international transfer</string>

Removed Strings:

<string name="card_action_card_not_arrived">My card hasn’t arrived</string>
<string name="card_on_its_way_action">Activate my card</string>
<string name="card_on_its_way_subtitle">You’ve finished creating a Monzo account and your card is on its way. You should receive it by %s.</string>

<string name="overdraft_setup_no_thanks">No Thanks</string>

<string name="paid_add_money_body">Transfer money to Monzo and we’ll take %1$s right away to make your first monthly payment.</string>
<string name="paid_add_money_continue_button">Continue</string>
<string name="paid_add_money_hint">&lt;b>When you add money,&lt;/b> we’ll charge you &lt;b>$amount a month&lt;/b> for a &lt;b>minimum of %1$d months.&lt;/b></string>
<string name="paid_add_money_title">Add at least %1$s to pay for %2$s</string>

New IDs


Removed IDs:


New Assets:


Changed Assets:


Deleted Assets:


What is wise cashback by the way? :thinking:

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I thought it was returned funds for failed international transfers but reading it again possibly not

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I don’t use wise so I don’t have a clue :sweat_smile:

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I didn’t realise paying from pots was now live.

Had to create a new card rather than edit an old one to get the functionality.

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Yeah they just sneaked it out and told us in the middle of the :eyes::eyes::eyes: topic.

Someone has asked if it’s going to be officially announced with detailed information but there’s yet to be a reply.

Would be good to know if I’ll be able to edit an existing card too - already got a card set up for multiple subscriptions and don’t really want to have to change them all!

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Monzo Plus cash back? Is that something new?

Not to assign it to a pot no. It has to be a new one.


It’s part of flex transactions. You can backdate them within 14 days, which then causes cash to come back into your account.

Calling it cashback is a bit of a misnomer.