Monzo for Android - Teardowns & Deep Dives 👨‍💻

It’s very difficult to do a teardown of an iOS app really compared to the Android App (and even then, there’s no one doing it)… So that’s mostly the reason why it’s all in here. :slight_smile:


Yup, I know this. Which is why I asked the question.

Transparency is a great aim but doesn’t seem to be happening as much these days? Just my perception??

I don’t see how users randomly investigating the APK from Android and finding new things that aren’t ready for release, can be used to target the lack of transparency from Monzo.

There’s no value in Monzo announcing everything that they’re working on, as people will just keep asking “when is it coming” etc. etc.


Yet here we are, discussing things found in the teardown and wondering when they are coming and if they are part of the New Plus?

Surely Monzo want to get ahead of these conversations?

And given we seem to be reliant on these teardowns to understand what is coming next, as Monzo don’t publish anything to tell us, then… yes, I think this speaks to lack of transparency as ‘we’ are doing Monzo’s job for them here.

Anyway - let’s move this discussion as we are getting off topic here.

I dont think this is fair… breakdowns are people taking time out of their own schedule to analyse hidden things which arent meant for public eyes just yet.

Its not Monzo’s job to tease new features to us and to tease things through breakdowns is completely unavoidable by them. If the 2/3 people over the last few years who do this werent so engaged and posted on here we would be none the wiser.

I think we can say with near 100% confidence that if something is being built as a part of plus then it is coming to ios also…


On the contrary, I think the taredowns are a bit of fun for some of the tech/monzo enthusiasts. We shouldn’t read too much into them.

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Weirdly I agree but you are making my point for me here; If we didn’t have these breakdowns we would know nothing, right? So, by your reasoning if we didn’t have these breakdowns Monzo would be LESS transparent than they are right now as it is currently, unless I’m mistaken, the only clear way to see what they are ‘planning to release’.

I don’t, cos they are for Android users only :wink:

But they do uncover things that are in the product, but without Monzo giving us a clearly msg/steer, it’s all we have to go on. So we guess, and discuss, and soon there is a lot of ‘it must be this’, or ‘no it’s that’ and … well all of this would go away if Monzo stepped forward with a little more visibility of what they are planning.

This is all very off-topic! Sorry. I’ll shut up.

Transparency doesn’t mean knowing everything that Monzo’s working on. It’s more about being transparent about issues that arise, why they happened, why things are the way they are etc.

There are certain scenarios or circumstances where Monzo will not talk publicly about something - for example to protect their commercial interests.

Look at the Gambling Block that was a massive hit, and triggered basically every bank to copy it… Monzo didn’t tell anyone till they announced.

Personally, I think you’re taking the “transparency” thing a bit far with assuming Monzo should tell us absolutely everything they’re doing all the time.


On a related note, how long until Monzo use them to troll us. April fools is soon :smiley:


I’m iOS only as well! :grinning:

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Final word from me on this: I’ve suggested that Monzo go back to a Product Roadmap. That would be a Monzo controlled artefact and offer ‘transparency’ for future features and would not have ‘us’ relying on the people who do these teardowns. It would also let MONZO control the narrative a la Gambling Block. I am not asking to know everything that Monzo is working on in finite detail. Just one place to see the high level, right now, I can spend a couple of hours trawling the forum for Monzo employees to ‘let something slip’.


:point_right: Highlights – Version: 3.15.0 :point_left:
Disclaimer: things below are subject to change, could just be tests or might be reverted!

Virtual Cards:

<string name="vc_create_button">Create virtual card</string>
<string name="vc_create_card_details_footer">Card number, expiry, and CSV will be generated once the card has been created</string>
<string name="vc_create_card_details_label">Card details</string>
<string name="vc_create_card_name_hint">Card name (e.g. Subscriptions)</string>
<string name="vc_create_color_selector_label">Colour</string>
<string name="vc_create_money_source_title">Money source</string>
<string name="vc_create_title">Create virtual card</string>
<string name="vc_inactive_card_subtitle">Created %1$s ∙ Deleted %2$s</string>
<string name="vc_inactive_cards_title">Inactive virtual cards</string>


<string name="overdraft_calculator_amount_title">If you were overdrawn by</string>
<string name="overdraft_calculator_button_next">Next</string>
<string name="overdraft_calculator_rate_migrate">Your rate is %1$s EAR/APR variable.</string>
<string name="overdraft_calculator_rate_signup">Your rate is &lt;b>%1$s EAR/APR&lt;/b> variable</string>
<string name="overdraft_calculator_subtitle">This won’t change your limit</string>
<string name="overdraft_calculator_title">Use the slider to understand your new charges</string>
<string name="overdraft_calculator_title_migration">"Try out the slider to understand your new rate"</string>
<string name="overdraft_calculator_duration_title">For</string>
<string name="overdraft_calculator_fees_title">You’d pay</string>
<string name="overdraft_offer_as_an_example">As an example</string>
<string name="overdraft_offer_selling_point_personal">This is personal to you, and is based on your credit score</string>
<string name="overdraft_offer_selling_point_your_rate_cta">Understand your charges in detail</string>
<string name="overdraft_outstanding_charges_item_subtitle">More than %1$s overdrawn</string>

New Monzo Plus/Premium Related?

<string name="plans_special_offers_detail_separator">∙</string>
<string name="plans_special_offers_km_distance_away">%s km away</string>
<string name="plans_special_offers_list_title">List</string>
<string name="plans_special_offers_m_distance_away">%s m away</string>
<string name="plans_special_offers_map_title">Map</string>
<string name="plans_special_offers_max_guests">%d people maximum</string>
<string name="plans_special_offers_show_card">Show Gourmet Society card</string>
<string name="pot_round_up_multiplier_title">Multipliers</string>
<string name="pot_round_up_multiplier_title">Boosts</string>
<string name="profile_get_premium">Get Monzo Premium</string>
<string name="profile_get_premium">Upgrade your account</string>

Transaction Subscriptions:

<string name="transaction_subscription_create_action">Create subscription</string>
<string name="transaction_subscription_create_body">We’ll move this payment to your Committed Spending, and predict when you’ll make future payments. You can stop predictions any time from your scheduled payments screen.</string>
<string name="transaction_subscription_create_title">Create subscription?</string>
<string name="transaction_subscription_interval_title">Repeats</string>

Other Strings:

<boolean name="onboarder_enabled" value="false" />

<string name="add_money_new_card_zip_code_hint">ZIP code</string>
<string name="article_rating_body">Thanks for letting us know! Your feedback helps us get better at helping you.</string>
<string name="article_rating_header">Did this article solve your problem?</string>
<string name="article_rating_negative_button">No</string>
<string name="article_rating_positive_button">Yes</string>
<string name="automatic_export_default_file_name">My Sheet</string>
<string name="automatic_export_disconnect_action">Disconnect Google Account</string>
<string name="automatic_export_pause_action">Pause export</string>
<string name="interval_summary_format">Every %s</string>
<string name="menu_credit_tracker_help">HELP</string>

Deep Links: (Links won’t work as yet, just trying to find out how to do this)

ic_calendar ic_contact
ic_offer icn_file
icn_tick special_offer_placeholder

Now this is my first attempt at trying to do these Teardowns & Deep Dives, and I must admit it does take it a bit of time to string together. Please do me gentle with me if I may have missed something/messed up somewhere please :slight_smile:
Jack, thankyou for the pointers on where to look etc in getting the relevant info together and tools use.


Could this mean a virtual card can be linked to a pot? :thinking:

incase anyone was wondering…


Similar to Tastecard, just not as many restaurants registered to them where I live.

Only time will tell, they are teasing us all at the moment

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Thanks for doing the teardowns.

The 2nd deep link goes 404

Also how are you doing those deep links.

Hi Kolok, sorry just spotted these are not quite right.
Still learning, i’m trying to find out how to link the correctly and them work their magic.

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