The Big Monzo Plus FAQ

I am no financial guru but I’m pretty sure getting Monzo fans and power users to pay £5 a month for software features that have no ongoing costs for the bank is a pretty good way to secure profits


Echoing this, I was exactly the same with the OG plus. Would definitely have to consider whether it’s worth it this time rather than simply jump on the new, shiny bandwagon.


Agree, I was caught up in the “these things will definitely come” promise, (and those things I did genuinely want).

Will keep an eye on those promises, and also the t’s and c’s this time around - as a lot of things offered in V1 weren’t reflected in the terms.

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Eek… just over 6.5 normal business/working hours to go


I just can’t see there being an update today let alone releasing it. Monzo were awful at communication regarding the previous plus and the community expressed this dearly, you would have thought they would have learnt from their lesson this time.


Hey everyone :wave:

Apologies for the delay in getting an update over to you, it’s been a busy few weeks at Monzo. We’ve been gearing up to launch something we’ve worked really hard on. I know you’ve found some of the breadcrumbs lying around and we were so excited to announce it to you all in a big way.

Then… well. No prizes for guessing what happened.

We built something that amplified your Monzo experience to give you more of what you love, especially around travel. And with the world going through a really difficult period, and with most of us staying safe inside, we made the tough call to delay the launch of our two new accounts :pensive: It just isn’t the right time and it’s not fair to bundle in some things you can’t use right now.

We’ve turned our attention to things we think can help customers now. So we’re currently re-assessing if, when and what we should launch. Hang tight for an update on this.

We’re super proud of what we’ve built, and we know you’ll love it too when the time is right to launch. Thanks again for your comments and thoughts along the way.

There are more important things in the world at the moment and hope you’re all hanging in there and getting by. We’re all quite isolated at the moment, so it’s a good time for online forums. Thanks again for making this a home for Monzo customers to hang out :heart:

I’ll be hanging around on the forum this afternoon to answer your questions if you have any.


No questions, appreciate the update. Thank you :blush:


As it sounds like it was pretty much ready for launch, are there any tidbits of information you can give? :eyes:

Thanks for the update, and hope everyone at Monzo is staying safe. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update Tom, I’m sure it’s appreciated by all of us.

Look forward to the launch when it happens :slight_smile:


If you haven’t, I recommend snooping around the Android Teardowns to see what you can piece together… :eyes:


Thanks, @Addzy - we are all disappointed we couldn’t launch, but obviously that pales into insignificance to some of the challenges going on at the moment.


Thanks Tom - the update is appreciated. There certainly are more important things to deal with right now as you say, so a delayed launch of products which hinge on things we can’t currently use makes total sense.

And the update came before the end of the specified Q1 release too :+1::wink:


I’d have been interested to know the price points for the 2 accounts, many premium accounts are 15-20(but bundled with lots of insurance/perks) which seems high to me, would be interesting if there was a say £5 or lower option which gave just the budgeting type features

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11 hrs to spare too :wink: :laughing:


Understandable, it’s just great to have an insight in to what’s happening! It’s understandable and expected that it’s delayed, just great to have confirmation.

The stuff in the Android teardown looks promising! So i’m sure there’s a lot of us that will eagerly await the release.

Keep well and stay safe!


Thanks for the update. Stay safe.

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Plenty of time!

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Thanks for the update , looking forward to when it gets launched

Thanks for the update Tom! Completely understandable considering these unprecedented circumstances.


I don’t want to give too much away, but the two accounts were basically designed in this way. One was focused on budgeting and savings, and the other on a more premium experience with benefits to make traveling easier and more enjoyable.