Monzo for Android - Teardowns & Deep Dives 👨‍💻

Perhaps also the introduction of the Monzo Carousel:

Not sure if it will replace Pulse though since this picture shows the state for first-time users.

I think that’s just a method for introducing new users to Monzo features. It’s not a Pulse replacement.


Looks like it will be there for everyone:

We’re exploring a new way to communicate to people in the app about all the new things, including features and updates. Currently we send you a feed item, but we want to make your feed the home for your transactions, and improve how we announce new things.


Hmm, let’s see how this pans out.

(I can see the benefit for new users, but I’m not here for the replacement of essential account information with new product announcements).

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I think it would be useful for product announcements if it disappears when all the announcement items are dismissed.

Version: 2.43.0 :tada:


<string name="bill_split_cancel_edit">Done</string>
<string name="bill_split_delete">Cancel Bill Split</string>
<string name="bill_split_edit">Edit</string>

<string name="split_bill_delete_confirmation_confirm">Cancel Bill Split</string>
<string name="split_bill_delete_confirmation_message">This will cancel the request for the others to pay you back.</string>
<string name="split_bill_delete_confirmation_title">Are you sure you want to cancel this bill?</string>

Cancelling bill splits :hot_coral_heart::boom:

<string name="categories_charity">Charity</string>

<string name="pot_charity_donation_toggle_desc">Send balance at the end of every month</string>
<string name="pot_charity_donation_toggle_title">Donate to charity</string>

<string name="pot_detail_charity_item_subtitle">Sending balance at the end of every month</string>
<string name="pot_detail_charity_item_title">%s</string>
<string name="pot_detail_charity_title">Donating to charity</string>

<string name="pot_donate_to_charity">Donate to charity</string>
<string name="pot_donate_to_charity_description">We’ll donate the full balance of your Pot to a charity of your choice at the end of every month. We’ll notify you before each payment and you can stop it at anytime.</string>
<string name="pot_donate_to_charity_header">Choose a cause</string>

Charity pots are coming soon! :boom:
I know we knew this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but it’s awesome to see it showing up in the app already :blush:

<string name="pot_class_interest_title">For earning interest</string>
<string name="pot_class_regular_title">For putting money aside</string>

There’s those new type titles :smile:

<string name="home_menu_notification_center">Notification Center</string>
<string name="home_menu_view_all_accounts">View all</string>
<string name="home_menu_view_profile">Profile</string>

Notification center sounds pretty sweet :grin:

<string name="identity_document_name_application_registration_card">application registration card</string>

<string name="idv_document_app_reg_id_message">"You can open an account with your application registration card. But because it's not considered as strong a proof of ID as a passport or driving licence, we'll have to give you lower limits on things like payments and cash withdrawals. If you have another type of ID, like a passport, we recommend you use that instead."</string>
<string name="idv_document_app_reg_id_negative">Continue with this ID</string>
<string name="idv_document_app_reg_id_positive">I have another ID</string>
<string name="idv_document_app_reg_id_title">Do you have any other ID?</string>

<string name="idv_document_type_answer_app_registration_card">Application registration card</string>

Seems that Monzo are accepting a new form of ID, it comes with tighter limits but if it allows more customers to open accounts I think it’s a win :star2:

<string name="premium_subscription_section_payments_autorenew_title">Auto-renew when plan ends</string>
<string name="premium_subscription_section_products">What’s included</string>
<string name="premium_subscription_section_products_cost">+ %s a month</string>
<string name="premium_subscription_subtitle">Manage</string>

Monzo premium additions :tada:

<string name="purchase_monzo_add_extras_suggest">Suggest custom features</string>

<string name="purchase_monzo_plus_product_coming_soon_footer">You can add these at a later date</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_plus_product_coming_soon_title">Coming soon</string>

<string name="purchase_monzo_suggest_hint">Permission to think outside the box…</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_suggest_submit">Submit</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_suggest_thanks">Thanks!</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_suggest_thanks_back">Back to custom features</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_suggest_title">Suggest custom features</string>

Now with the ability to suggest custom features :tada:

Deep Links:

<string name="deep_link_manage_loan">manage_loan</string>

We got one :laughing: monzo://manage_loan :sunglasses:


New! :tada:
(Separate post :eyes::tada:)

Feature Flags:

No feature_flags this week :sob: I’m still not rooted now that I’m on Android Q… There’s no way for me to access the super secret feature_flags file :frowning:

There’s another post to follow… Stay tuned :wink:


Did somebody say… Account closure? I sure hope not :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
But if they did, there’s now a great deal more info than there was before :slight_smile:

<string name="check_email_didnt_get_email">I didn’t get my email</string>
<string name="check_email_image_magic_link">An envelope</string>
<string name="check_email_magic_link">It has a magic link that’ll sign you in to Monzo</string>
<string name="check_email_open_mail">Open mail app</string>
<string name="check_email_sent_email_check_your_email">Check your email</string>
<string name="check_email_tap_link_confirm_email">Tap the magic link inside to confirm your new email address.</string>
<string name="check_email_we_just_sent_an_email">"We’ve sent an email to:
<string name="check_email_we_just_sent_an_email_fallback">We’ve sent you an email</string>
<string name="close_account_are_you_sure_body">Once your account is closed, you won’t be able to move money in or out, and your card will stop working. You’ll also miss out on…</string>
<string name="close_account_are_you_sure_footer">"%1$s Instant payment notifications
%2$s️ Easy spending abroad
%3$s Budgeting tools
%4$s 24/7 customer support"</string>
<string name="close_account_are_you_sure_title">Are you sure?</string>
<string name="close_account_chat">Chat with us</string>
<string name="close_account_chat_body">Our customer support team will be able to help you close your account.</string>
<string name="close_account_chat_title">Chat with us to close your account</string>
<string name="close_account_moving_body">"You might be able to use the Current Account Switch Service to move your money and payments (Direct Debits, standing orders and bills) over, and close your Monzo account.

Talk to your new bank to see if they’re part of the scheme before closing your account."</string>
<string name="close_account_moving_title">Moving to another bank?</string>
<string name="close_account_need_to_do_body">If you’d still like to close your account:</string>
<string name="close_account_need_to_do_bullet_1">Withdraw any money left in your account, including Pots</string>
<string name="close_account_need_to_do_bullet_2">Pay back any money you’ve borrowed, like an overdraft or loan</string>
<string name="close_account_need_to_do_bullet_3">Resolve any transaction disputes</string>
<string name="close_account_need_to_do_bullet_4">Move your Direct Debits and scheduled payments to your new bank</string>
<string name="close_account_need_to_do_bullet_5">Settle any payment requests or Shared Tabs</string>
<string name="close_account_need_to_do_bullet_joint">Get consent from the joint account holder</string>
<string name="close_account_need_to_do_joint">"
Get consent from the joint account holder"</string>
<string name="close_account_need_to_do_title">What you need to do</string>
<string name="close_account_next">Next</string>
<string name="close_account_ready">I’m ready</string>

Monzo clearly want you to stick around :wink: (I don’t blame them :laughing:, it’s the best bank in the world (Jeremey Clarkson voice :joy:))

However, if you decide it’s time to move on - there’s a nice new flow within the app :slight_smile:


Assets :framed_picture:

As I eluded to:

There are plenty of additions this week :grin:

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

Whew! That’s a boat load of assets :joy:

Some Hot Chip additions :hot_coral_heart:, a preview sign (for the v3 UI… :eyes:, it’s wild!!) There’s Charity icons (the little ribbon) and a charity category :raised_hands:

There’s warnings for account closure, a notification center, warnings, errors, etc. very cool stuff :slight_smile:


Cmon Marcus… you cant tease me like that :laughing: :laughing:


Aw man, you gotta give us something about that. Doesn’t have to be screenshots if there are any but a vague idea of what it will affect would be cool! :laughing:

So much good stuff…

But I’m mostly wondering whether Monzo has been secretly building an American dev team without telling us. Badzo! :wink:


Thanks for the teardown.

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I wonder if charity pots include giftaid

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Hopefully not too far away

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Someone asked this when Charity Pots first came out and a Monzo staff member said they wouldn’t in the first iteration.



To be fair, many of these are critically important points to resolve before you close any bank account. :sweat_smile:


Version: 2.44.0 :tada:


<string name="app_icon_name_plus">Plus</string>

There’s going to be a Monzo Plus app icon!! It will be based on the colour you choose :wink: More on this in the assets post!

<string name="close_account_close_joint_button">Close joint account</string>
<string name="close_account_close_personal_button">Close personal account</string>
<string name="close_account_complete_body">If you need a bank statement in the future, just drop us a message at Thanks for being a Monzo customer!</string>
<string name="close_account_complete_title">We’ve closed your account</string>
<string name="close_account_confirm_body">We’re sorry to see you go, but if you’re really sure then tapping the button below will close your account.</string>
<string name="close_account_confirm_title">Last chance…</string>
<string name="close_account_feedback_continue">Continue</string>
<string name="close_account_feedback_hint">What do you think of Monzo?</string>
<string name="close_account_feedback_send_and_continue">Send Feedback and Continue</string>
<string name="close_account_feedback_subtitle">Is there anything we could have done better? Are there any features we’re missing? We’d really appreciate your feedback so we can improve the Monzo experience for everyone.</string>
<string name="close_account_feedback_title">We’d love your feedback</string>
<string name="close_account_keep_button">I want to keep my account</string>

<string name="close_account_title">Close Account</string>

Last week it was regular account closure, now it’s Joint Account closure :sunglasses: Nice to have options :slight_smile:

<string name="monzo_plus_extra_information">Monthly payment</string>
<string name="monzo_plus_manage_action">Manage Monzo Plus</string>
<string name="monzo_plus_title">Monzo Plus</string>

More info ‘somewhere’ within the app for those with Monzo Plus :monzo::heavy_plus_sign:

<string name="permission_ghost_login_label">Ghost Login</string>
<string name="permission_ghost_login_name"></string>

<string name="send_money_ghost_unavailable">Stop right now</string>
<string name="send_money_ghost_unavailable_description">Hey you, sending money is disabled. Gotta slow down baby, in the ghost app.</string>

Monzo have contacted the Ghostbusters :ghost: and ensured that there will be no more spirits logging into your lovely Monzo account :rofl:

<string name="pot_charity_donation_toggle_desc">Donate this Pot to charity every month</string>

<string name="pot_donate_to_charity_description">"We’ll donate your Pot balance to your chosen charity overnight on the last day of every month.

We’ll remind you before each payment and you can toggle off donations at any time before midnight on the last day of the month. 


New Charity Pot description :blush:

<string name="target_remaining_percent">%1$d%% left of %2$s budget</string>
<string name="target_remaining_to_spend">%s left to spend</string>

Some new timings on budgets, perhaps? I’m not sure yet :innocent:

<string name="your_monzo_subtitle">Discover your next steps to becoming a Monzo pro. Complete tasks to unlock new ones and earn badges.</string>

Monzo Pro :sunglasses: Badges to unlock :stuck_out_tongue:

Deep Links:

<string name="deep_link_custom_icons">custom_app_icon</string>
<string name="deep_link_pots">pots</string>



New! :tada:
(Separate post :eyes::tada:)

Feature Flags:

After a long hiatus… They’re back! :tada: The, only mildly, painful task of wiping my phone & setting everything back up has been worthwhile :sunglasses: I can now do many things I couldn’t before :grin: (I’m rooted again)

<boolean name="business_account_cass" value="false" />

Business CASS :eyes:

There’s another post to follow… Stay tuned :wink:


Unfortunately this will be done in dribs & drabs! But I’m pretty busy at work :sweat_smile:

Here’s your first look at the AWESOME stuff to come :hot_coral_heart:



The Monzo logo lives on (for now)!

They look great