Monzo Feature Question

Hi Everyone! I had a few questions about Monzo that I was hoping someone could help me with.
Does anyone know the number of surcharge-free ATMs available to Monzo users? Also can I use Monzo to directly deposit government funds into my account? For example a pension or a disability payment? I didn’t see this information on the website and I am really hoping someone could help me!


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It operates as a normal bank account so yep you can get direct payments for benefits and pensions straight into it, as for ATMs then you can use any of them and not be charged a surcharge so long as it’s a free to use machine

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Is this relating to the US account?

The reply above is true for UK accounts

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Good spot Emma. The OP account location is shown as USA on their profile.

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No, but this is a badly needed feature as free ATMs are quite rare in the US.

Monzo is looking to become part of a surcharge free ATM network.

For now I would advise using the MasterCard ATM finder, filtering by “No Access Fee”

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If all else fails, try asking at your local supermarket. I’ve had some cashiers at my local Albertsons be willing to ring up a penny charge to be able to do cashback at the register if I asked nicely.

(I know that some are starting to charge a fee for cashback as well, so make sure to ask about that)


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