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(Callum O'Neil) #62

The interview today was great, was so nice to meet some of the London team! All so nice and friendly.

Had such a great trip to London, first time visiting, until it was time to come home. Flight was delayed followed by someone crashing into me on the way home from the airport. Luckily just my car that’s damaged, could have been a lot worse.

Thanks so much for the experience :pray::tada:


Yay! :partying_face:

But oh no! Hope that everything’s okay with you and that the insurance is looking after you.

Let’s hope that the result is more early day than late day! :crossed_fingers:

(Callum O'Neil) #64

Yeah, im lucky everything is alright with me. Insurance is dealing with it, but as I’m a new driver my insurance will probably go up a lot :cold_sweat:.

Also having to fork out £450 excess which is just absolutely great :+1:.

Well, it was worth it though :crazy_face::tada:

(Ryan Kirk) #65

Finally made it back home!
Thanks to the guys at Monzo for having me today and it was also nice to meet you @Ella :blush:

Regardless of the outcome, I met a good bunch of people in my group today and already got our own little group chat on the go… not often that happens so soon and on an interview either :+1:

Anyway… bed for me now as I’m exhausted (but totally worth it

Speak soon everyone :wave:


Good luck to all of you that have had interviews!

@CalO really sorry to hear about crash ! Really glad you’re ok !

(Callum O'Neil) #67

Thank you, I’m fine :slightly_smiling_face:

(Rachel Raybould) #68

I will reapply soon after my 4 weeks! Could use with lots of advice.

(Callum O'Neil) #69

My advice is don’t let your nerves get the better of you - that’s my downfall unfortunately :-1:

(Jack) #70

It’s hard not to get nervous when it means a lot to you.


Thank you for coming yesterday Callum, it was a pleasure to meet you :purple_heart:! I’m so sorry to hear about your car though :confused:


Thank you for coming Ryan! It was lovely to meet you :yellow_heart:

(Callum O'Neil) #73

It was a pleasure meeting you too, I had such a fab day :grinning:


Hey everyone :wave:
Today is officially my last day as a recruiter as I’m moving to the People team. COps and Ops hiring is however in really good hands, as my wonderful colleague Sajida will be stepping in! If you have any questions feel free to ask her here or through :blush:

(Dan Wilson) #75

@HughWells and @BethS Hey guys,

I currently work Mon- Fri n London but this role sounds really exciting. I would be interested in either the weekend or out of hours role. What are the usual hours for these roles? Would they be able to accommodate my current hours in London (10am - 6pm).

Your thoughts would be greatlyappreciated!



We have a few shifts - I believe the general start times are:


So it really depends on what time you like to start :+1:

(Ryan Kirk) #77

Well I heard back yesterday and unfortunately I wasn’t successful this time around :disappointed_relieved:
Obviously incredibly disappointed but it is what it is :blush:

Grateful for the opportunity at least :blush::monzo:

(Callum O'Neil) #78

Same :cold_sweat:

(Rachel Raybould) #79

@RyanKirk @CalO
Oh no. Try again next time and learn from your mistakes.
Kinda making me scared to apply for my temp job.

(Callum O'Neil) #80

Yeah - it was quite difficult. But I’m really gutted as I felt that I did a lot of prep this time round, but obviously still not up to standards yet.

Aw well, 6 applications down, 2 interviews down. Hopefully third time lucky :crossed_fingers:

(Simon B) #81

Sorry to hear that @RyanKirk - hopefully you’ll be able to identify what didn’t go so well and take it on board. It definitely sucks to not get a position you wanted - but for what it’s worth, there are several people in the company who didn’t get a position on their first application and then applied again further down the line and got it. So who knows, you may yet end up with us in the future!

The other scenario is that you might land another job at an equally amazing company and you’re meant to be there! We never know where life might take us.

Edit - wrote this post before seeing @CalO reply - same to you my friend.