Monzo COps - Join Us!

(Louise Acres ) #82

I’ve been a Monzo user Since Mondo :wink: would working unsocial hours and remotely be something that’s an option?

(Callum O'Neil) #83

Yes Louise :grinning:

They are looking for out of hours COps, working remotely :+1:

(Louise Acres ) #84

Well that’s just made my mind up for me then I will definitely go for it thank you @CalO :blush:

(Callum O'Neil) #85

You’re very welcome :wink:

All the best with your application :crossed_fingers:


One of the reasons I applied :rofl:

(Ryan Kirk) #87

Thanks for the kind words Simon!
Given the feedback received, I genuinely think it’s been down to nerves.
Who knows what’ll happen going forward :slight_smile:

(Stevie Cowan) #88

Hiya, I would relish the opportunity to work for Monzo but I live in Northern Ireland. Would there ever be an opportunity to work for Monzo from here?? Have plenty of experience working with customers both paid and out of my own free time. Hopefully some day I could get the chance to apply.
Much love.

(Callum O'Neil) #89

Monzo offer remote working from home in the UK, so I don’t see any issue wtih you submitting an application to join the team - selecting to work remotely :slight_smile:


Me too. Although I’m probably too ancient at almost 65.


Hi there. Is there an email address for me to contact you directly? I have a few very specific and personal queries and would prefer to do it through email and not a forum thread!


(Andy) #92

@Craigc if it’s related to this thread then you can use the forum direct message function if you want to keep any questions private.

Just click the staff members name and click message on their profile

If it’s account related use or in app chat

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #93

If it is related to your bank account it is probably best that it is done through in-app chat :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey @craigc, have you mentioned to get your questions answered?

(Gemma Meehan) #95

Hi, this looks great but I’m a student in 9-5 term time and was wondering if there was a possibility for 0 hour contracts? I have five weeks off for christmas and easter and so I could get in lots of shifts then but can’t really commit to 24 hours in a term time week?

(Simon B) #96

Hey Gemma!

Unfortunately we do require an ongoing commitment to the role. We invest heavily in the people we hire, from training to equipment to benefits like health insurance and because of that, it’s not really something that we can commit to in the way that you’ve described.

That being said, we have students (like @HughWells) who work for us on weekends only, and then they take on overtime outside of term time. So that’s a possibility, but we’d need a full on commitment to working weekends, and depending how intensive your studies are, that may or may not be something that’d work for you…

(Tia) #97


@simonb - I am currently finishing up a job in NYC, but heading back to the UK before Christmas. Would love to apply for the job and will be based back in the UK post Christmas, but worried I wouldn’t be back in time for an interview. Is it still worth applying? Or will all the interviews be over by Christmas time?

Thanks so much,


(Callum O'Neil) #98

I imagine there is going to be many recruitment days in the future due to the rapid growth :grinning:

(Simon B) #99

Hey Tia! Feel free to apply anyway, just mention those things in your application. Then we can keep you in the pipeline until you are back. We’ll be continually hiring past Xmas.

(Tia) #100

Great - will do. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly !


(Scott) #101

That’s good to know, I applied back last year just sent another through :crossed_fingers: