Monzo causing my Nexus 6P to restart?

(Steven) #1


My phone was restarting itself several times a day so I did a factory reset and then gradually started re-installing all the apps. After I put Monzo back on yesterday, it rebooted again once more (only once so far, but that’s once more than I’d like). It could be something else, or could even be faulty hardware (unlikely as it seemed to behave better for a few days after the factory reset). I know this is Beta, so I might expect some problems. Anyone else noticed similar issue? If you’d like me to run a version which creates debug info I’d be happy to try that.


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(Alex Sherwood) #2

I haven’t seen this reported by any other Monzo users :thinking:

(Naji Esiri) #3

Hey Steve,

Not an issue we’ve come across before! I will pass on to the team though, see if anyone has any ideas :slightly_smiling_face:

(Simon B) #4

Also running a Nexus 6P here - Android 7.1.1

Haven’t had this issue myself. Has it happened again since your post?

(Steven) #5

Nope it hasn’t happened again. I’ll start putting other apps which run un background back on now, such as Llama and rain alarm. It could have been something with a corrupted cache I guess!? Pretty sure it’s not Monzo though. Thanks.

(Tristan) #6

Hi Steven,

Could your problems be related to this issue many Nexus 6p owners have reported?

(Steven) #7


Thanks for finding that for me. It just happened again, and my battery is at 69% so I don’t think it’s the same problem.

I might remove Llama if it happens again. I did upgrade to 7.1.1 but I’m pretty sure it was happening before that.