Monzo cannot replace my other bank, £3,000 Annual ATM limit?

(Ed) #21

I have not been offered a current account. Probably because I ask annoying questions on the Monzo forum :stuck_out_tongue:

(Alex Sherwood) #22

I’m sure that, that was a joke but to avoid any confusion, for users who are new to the site - that’s not a thing. And also, you’ve only posted twice on one other day before today :slight_smile:

(Ed) #23

So what?!

I came on the site after receiving an unsolicited forum digest email.

(Alex Sherwood) #24

It looks like you might have misinterpreted my previous comment. I wasn’t implying anything negative here -

(Ed) #25

Bizarre. Utterly bizarre.

(Bruce Davies) #26

Ed, you implied you were being disadvantaged by asking annoying questions; Alexs was pointing out you hadn’t posted often enough to be annoying (and you wouldn’t be disadvantaged even if you had done so). Try not to be overly-sensitive - I interpreted Alexs’ post as being supportive and reassuring, not a dig at you. We’re generally much more friendly and supportive of each other here. Hope that helps (a little).

(Ed) #27

Actually I used an emoticon to show that I was kidding. Try not to be so defensive! :smiley:

(Bruce Davies) #28

Bizarre, utterly bizarre! :grinning:

(Colin) #29

This is the answer to the question posed and should be just pinned at the top.

(Tom ) closed #30

I would agree this thread has come to an end here.

New current account usage limits are coming, with preliminary details here: Monzo cannot replace my other bank, £3,000 Annual ATM limit?

If you’d like to continue a wider discussion about limits in general, try this topic Withdraw Limits - Current Account