When Mondo becomes a bank

So we all want this to happen, however I’m a little confused as how it will work. Will brances be popping up on the high street? How will I be able to pay money (cash) into my account?

I’m pretty sure this has all been thought about, I just wondered what the plan was. There is a plan, isn’t there?

God forbid branches popping up on the High Street with the horrendous cost of establishing and maintaining them!

Surely the whole idea behind M— is to be 21st century and getaway from all that baggage … but, a means of depositing cash and/or cheques whilst they continue survive is important (but not essential).

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I doubt they’ll have physical branches - the cost of doing so is so high. They’ll probably allow you to send in cheques via post and if you do need to pay in cash, then they’ll probably allow you to do so (in time) via the Post Office network (as many banks do anyway).

Personally, I can’t remember the last time I needed to pay in physical cash to my bank (I’ve had 3 cheques in recent memory I’ve had to pay all: all from HMRC! - apart from those, I’ve not had any cheques I can remember!). I think it’ll be a bit of a waste of resources and cash to run any sort of branch network (including the post office one).

The only times I’ve been into a branch in recent time is to pay in 2 of those 3 cheques (as I was nearby anyway - the third is going by post) and to close a business bank account with HSBC (we moved the business bank account to Cater Allen who don’t have any branches)

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I just wondered mainly. I’m self employed, and mainly get paid via direct bank transfer online. Hopefully paying in cheques will be done via the app :+1:t2:

Definately no branches.

Maybe cash paid in thru PayPoint shops.

Can’t see the point of paying in cheques as they are dying off. I no longer get cheques from HMRC as they now pay me electronically. Got a cheque once from EON but returned it and told them to pay me electronically which they did

A few of the banks, including my work are trailing the ability to take a photo of your cheque to cash it.