Monzo and Aliexpress 3D secure declines

Anyone else use Aliexpress with Monzo, getting declines when you get prompted for 3D secure?

If I ever get prompted with 3D secure with Monzo, I approve in the app but Aliexpress declines it after I have approved it in the app.

If I use a non-Monzo card, 3D secure works fine.

I spoke on chat to Monzo and they said it is Aliexpress declining it.

I just wondered if anyone else is having this too?

It is only if 3D secure is prompted, otherwise it is fine.
Used Monzo with Aliexpress for years with no issues until they added 3D secure recently so it’s some conflict.

This isn’t fixed and after hours on chat in total, I won’t be going back to get it fixed.
So if you have this, you will have to speak to them yourself or use another bank as this is purely a Monzo card issue with their payment system they use for 3D secure.

When I last used AliExpress with a virtual card I had no issues… but that was 2 months back…

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Just with 3D secure.

It is fine without.

I give up trying to speak to aliexpress about it.

Monzo confirmed it was Aliexpress but I have spent over 9 hours now in total in their live chat as they just don’t listen and don’t read any screenshot, not even the one from Monzo saying what the issue is.

I would have thought this should be Monzo speaking to them, not myself seeing as this is a payment issue?

But that is impossible.
They just make up excuses.
They even made up they don’t have 3D secure twice, even though I have had it and my bank confirmed that.

Their “escalation team” is just as useless and doesn’t read anything you said or sent. Nothing.

They just don’t care so if you have this issue, good luck.

The language barrier is only a minor issue and as they use translate, that isn’t the issue, it is just they don’t listen, refuse to help and as it is a technical issue they don’t understand, they just make up new replies that are unrelated every time.

As someone chronically ill and disabled who has spent hours on their chat over many days, I am done trying to get this fixed so won’t be doing it again, so if you have this, you need to speak to them yourself as it isn’t fixed as they just don’t listen.

Use a different bank with Aliexpress as you won’t get anywhere with Aliexpress and Monzo asked me to speak to them myself so it won’t ever get fixed as Aliexpress don’t listen sadly. Shame.

Have a good day all.