Monzo AMA refresh 👀

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since we’ve put someone in the Community hot seat.

We’re going to try something a bit different when it comes to the AMAs - we’re going to evolve them a little bit. It’s been great having individual Monzonauts come over to have a chat but I think a nice change would be to have teams/collectives come over to discuss their part of the Monzo machine.

First one very soon :soon:

So who do you want to hear from?


I vote for @AlanDoe please :slight_smile:


Is TS lined up?


All good suggestions so far but it was my understanding we’re supposed to suggest teams?

Like the iOS team, borrowing team… dare I say it joint account team (if such exists :speak_no_evil: ) or the Monzo Plus team?


+1 for borrowing

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Recruitment team please.

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If the rules are teams then can we have the executive board please? :eyes:

If not (or as well as) can I put in a pitch for:

  • The Wealth team (the folks building the investment product have got to break cover some time soon, right?)
  • The US team (because I think they’re fab and they’ve got some really interesting ideas and backgrounds)
  • Someone who can explain what how Monzo works (what’s a team, what’s a squad, what’s a collective? How much autonomy do folks have? Who works on what’s next? Is there a business strategy function or is it top down and/or bottom up? How would something like cheque imaging ever get assessed and who would say go for it?)
  • The app evolution team (we love them already but I think a focused team thing would be fab)

And finally, I called @avb, @tjvr and co the Paid team during our end of year poll. When they got knocked out of the running for best community engagement I said:

But then @N26throwaway said:

… So I’d quite like to understand what they call themselves and what they do (aside from wonderful wonderful stuff obvs). If nothing else it might help drum up votes next year :joy:

Oh, finally, I’d be keen for @TheoGibson and team to talk what’s next for lending and how the physical card and separate feed will work for Flex




Delivery team - How do you run. Frameworks, permissible tech details (ways of working, tech stack etc)

Plus/premium team - do they exist? How do they ensure what is offered adds value and remains competitive etc.


Whoops, reading comprehension fail.

In that case I suggest the Forum Engagement Team!


First one up!

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