Monzo £71 Million Investment (November 2017)

I was way poorer last time round so whilst I’m frustrated I cant invest more I’m happy that this is the way you continue. There will always be richer people out there that would otherwise buy everything out instantly and its great you’re looking after smaller investors. Big Love for the strategy

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I think its way to early for an IPO :slight_smile:

Actually that is probably true, an IPO could result in Monzo loosing control of the company with someone snapping up the shares.


and not reflect anywhere near Monzos potential :slight_smile:

I guess we wait until 2018 for the answer :slightly_smiling_face:

It is something along the lines of this Next opportunity to crowdfund?

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Aha! Interesting… thanks for pointing it out

Next step… ICO :wink:


Oh dear, MZC already seems to be taken :wink:

Above link does seem to explain a lot and also why you can not invest more i.e. too much money would come in to the business. Everyone wants to invest more (including me :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:)

Loads of ways to grow the £1,5k you want to invest now and hold it until the 2018 round which @tristan talks about yet which someone else also mentions is fake news? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

e.g. a low risk option; shuffle your personal finances > with Faster payments and the Monzo current accounts sending money back and forth to a nationwide flexdirect account will allow you to get 5% over any amount up to £2,500 (have to pay in at 1k each month but shuffling money means you can retain the rate and keep savings up to that amount in there) Or you can think of an IFISA (e.g. Crowdstacker), which has good returns, lending out your cash via Zopa or via other platforms in the UK (or NL, DE etc.). Decent returns, medium to high risk and you’ll have more Monzo shares in next year’s round :smiley:

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I received the email and when I click to go to Crowdcube, I can’t find Monzo opportunity!!

Hi there, I’m a Monzo investor. Crowdcube contacted me with an email yesterday saying they had a link for the new share offering. Used the link - but no info was revealed. I was signed into the Monzo app and the Crowdcube app at the same time but there is no offer visible.
Monzo customer services saying talk to Crowdcube customer services.
Crowdcube say talk to Monzo.
Help! Anyone having same issue?


Hey Graeme! Make sure you’re signed into the Crowdcube website when you click that link :slight_smile: It’ll then work

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when you press the link on the email sent by crowd cube do you see this ? as Tristan says you need to be logged in to your crowd cube account to see the Monzo investment


if you’re not logged into your account you just get this from their email link - a great marketing opportunity for Crowdcube to reach out to existing investors in Monzo with their new crowd cube pitches :frowning: :frowning: hmmmm :-(:rage:


Hi Tristan, I’ve been trying to do all this on my iphone6+
I just tried to do it on my iMac and it’s all done now. Thanks.

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This is great Ian. Ditched my smartphone and have now tried all ways to sort this out on my desktop - worked! Thx again. G

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I’m an early Beta investor, and then an investor via Crowdcube.

I’ve received my “Monzo’s investment round is open” email with the link in it to view the pitch, but when I click it I’m redirected to the “” page, and there is no mention of Monzo.

Can someone please advise on where I’m going wrong please.

note, logging into crowdcube does not show me the pitch either.


Ta, that worked.

“Thanks for making your investment in Monzo!”

I’m confused. Will people who aren’t currently investors get the chance on this round?