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MoneyBox start a crowdfunding campaign next week, customers can register for priority access. Not sure yet if I’ll invest anything but will check out the offer when it goes live

Why are we crowdfunding❓

While we have secured our target investment from our latest institutional funding round (Series C), we want to bring you, the Moneybox community, even closer to our journey. You are at the heart of what we do and we wouldn’t be here today without you. :pray:

It’s always been our plan to give our users the chance to own part of Moneybox and let you share in our successes. Now, in addition to our latest institutional funding of £30m, our first crowdfunding raise, powered by Crowdcube, will help us build on our product offering, invest in new technology, scale the team, and further execute on our mission of helping everyone save and invest for their future. :rocket:

Register for our crowdfund now and get priority access :point_right:


I’ve kinda been debating about it for the past week. I might do a small amount. I like the idea, but every time I use it something goes wrong - I think I just hate the whole dependence on Direct Debits for everything. Makes it seem slow and clunky.

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Never had any issues with it, money goes out weekly pretty much just set and forget and watch the balance increase over time. I probably access the app once a week just to check in.

I’ll probs invest. 450k users and £1bn AUM after only £20m VC cash burnt. Wow.

And with interest rates at 0%, more millennials will hunt a decent return from S&S ISAs - which is Moneybox’s golden goose (sneaky £1/mo charge!)

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I’ve never invested through Crowdcube but might this time around. How does it work?

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No idea I’ve signed up on the site ready for a invite to be sent out on Tuesday, I may look over the website at some point tomorrow to see what’s what

Create a Crowdcube account. Preregister with Moneybox and they’ll send a link for early access. You basically say how much you’ll invest on the Crowdcube website. You can cancel and change the amount up until the raise ends.

You’ll then get an email with Articles of Association from Crowdcube which gives you a final chance to opt out of your investment.

Then you wait and Crowdcube will take the money from your account - can take a week or more. They send an email 24 hours before the money (+ fee) you agreed to are about to be taken so you can make sure the money is in your account.

Then it takes a while for everything to be finalised. You’ll get another email saying everything has been completed and you can access your certificate via your Crowdcube account.

It’s pretty slick.

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Very very easy to do. Just register then click invest

I would argue it is almost too easy, especially thinking of the risks involved.

I know they do a little quiz before you can invest

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They seem to have raised 350% of their goal so far. I’m unsure if I want to invest yet – I don’t use them but I can see the potential. Might chuck £15 their way

I looked this morning and then thought nah not going to bother, my money is better served getting invested straight into my normal savings accounts. I doubt I’d get much of a return from them and any more funding rounds likely dilute what I’d invest.

Yes, that is a good point. And I doubt we’d see returns any time soon

I can’t resist investing in Fintechs so have gone in on this one. I tried the app this week and found it excellent, customers seem to love it and they’re adding 100m assets under management each month. Pensions and ISAs with 450k users will start pushing that up faster. I take confidence from the large VC investment so am happy to go in. I’ve read elsewhere that the valuation is too high. It might well be but there’s no guarantee of them crowdfunding again so have taken a punt.

Looks like you had to register and it’s now closed. Cool story alert - I temped at a company called Moneybox 15 years ago. I’ve prob still got a t-shirt somewhere.

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Hi all, I just wanted to share a blog post I made on moneybox’s crowdfunding campaign. It should hopefully shed some light on why you should or shouldn’t invest in the campaign if any of you are a bit stuck, or just want more information.

The blog post is here.
I’m always grateful for your visit and/or feedback.

**Please be sure to read the comments i’ve posted at the bottom of the blog (the blog was made before the campaign launched, so i’ve summarised my learnings post-launch in the comments).

If you’re pretty new to crowdfunding, it’s basically investing in startups (as opposed to big profitable companies like, e.g. Facebook) - I made an introductory post here that you might want to read.

Please note i’m not offering financial advice, as that is a regulated/protected industry. Remember also that investing in startups is extremely risky.

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