Money Saving Expert (MSE) 6 Month Customer Service Poll

Yeah I was going with a binary for or against, but neutral is fair out of three,

In terms of UK banks it’s one of a few in comparison to other “banks”

I haven’t tried Revolut yet, I like the kids option they do. But Starling is decent. Monzo over Starling in terms of crypto friendliness though.


I’ve had a bad experience with 3 banks - Virgin Money, Starling, and Lloyds, both of which were in the process of opening my account which I subsequently decided to stop for both banks. Starling’s customer service seemed to be completely non-existent and had to spend ages on the phone waiting for them to pick up and then the attitude of the Lloyds’ agent annoyed me quite a bit. I was able to contact Virgin Money very easily, however, they were completely useless.

My other banks that I have experienced the customer service for (Monzo, Barclays, and Nationwide) have been very good.

I also have a Santander and Tesco Clubcard Plus account with Tesco Bank but I’ve never needed customer service.

I have subsequently cut down on the number of accounts I have. I now only have accounts with Santander, Nationwide, and Tesco Clubcard Plus.

Yeah, most banks are much of a muchness; you get the odd bad agent or poor service with all of them, but they are generally all OK.

Some are a bit worse than others, but not by much and I think the official ratings from the “Personal banking service quality” survey, conducted by IPSOS Mori, prove this point.

The difference in overall ratings, between all the banks, is always just a few percentage points.


Barclays and Starling are my worst. Monzo always good. Halifax varying.

Starling was hopefully a one off but it was dismal, I was left without account access for months. Barclays is the only bank I had several bad experiences to the point where I left the bank because of it. And I’m usually pretty relaxed about customer service (I know how hard their job is) but Barclays became a farce.


TSB does seem to consistantly come very near the bottom in things like this which does suggest something at TSB is certainly worse than other banks.

What is surprising about this one is why Bank of Scotland has better scores than both Lloyds and Halifax, all three of which are part of the same group. NatWest and RBS are different, but not significantly so.


What are other people’s views on TSB? Do these surveys reflect your experiences with them?

Guessing that means they are pretty bad then :laughing:

That gif is being generous, worse than that.

Just curious as to how many people actually still bank with them.

This page reporting on 2020 says 5 million customers.

And then goes on to say of which 2 million active digital.

So is that 3 million still using branches/telephone/post. :neutral_face: I feel these will only switch banks if a family/carer does it for them.

It also goes to say Google Play store has 4.3 rating, currently it’s 3.8. That’s a pretty standard rating, not the 2 I was expecting.

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Couldn’t find another thread for this … but this is back!

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Are you cheating?

That sent me to a page thanking me for voting, and now when I go to the poll manually, I can’t vote because I’ve already voted!? Who did you make me vote for?!


I’m still waiting for the live voting results to load - stuck waiting for the Starling results to appear :biting_lip: . They won’t be live by the time they’ve loaded…

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Starling vs Monzo