Monese Reaches 1 Million users

I’ve tried monese but didn’t feel it was as good as Starling or Monzo. It was also more expensive to use. I also personally won’t put my salary into any financial company that a fully accredited bank.

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Perhaps the reason that Monese has grown so quickly is the £15 referrals?

I mean, I’ve recently registered and shared the link with a handful of friends and we’ve all passed on to recieve the £15 bonuses. Me and my girlfriend did it and have essentially put £45 in our pockets within 5 minutes… I won’t ever use it again though, probably why the number of accounts is high but you don’t see people physically using them anything like as often.

If anyone wants a referral code to recieve £15 and get a free physical card then use MATTH360

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Absolutely. It’s a decent backup or night out card though.

They’ve stopped charging for debit card topups, which is a big step forward IMO

This is definitely not worth it for anyone based in the UK.

The bonus is not bad, particularly now the debit card is free too. They must realise loads of people are just rinsing, but must be worth it anyway for them :man_shrugging:

I remember a similar thing with Circle, I remember that wanting to be a competitor to PayPal.

We did the same thing, shared it with friends claimed the referral bonuses and then none of us ever touched it again.

Expensive way of buying customers that’s for sure.

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