Looks like IBAN/SWIFT is coming

I checked the IBAN calculator and it says Monzo supports SEPA Credit Transfer (not instant). To test it I sent €1 to my Monzo IBAN number and received the money today (1 business day later).
I sent the money from my bank account in the Netherlands ING.





There is a strong warning here.

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Yes note it’s not announced officially yet, but that warning is from December 2017. I expect a official launch soon.


You said

Any more leak news on this?

Thanks, Rika, I get paid from an international Company and they kept asking for Monzo IBAN details. I believe strongly in Monzo and I would like to switch to Monzo but as long there is no IBAN I can’t do this at all.

Any expectation for IBAN soon?


There was a mention of IBAN in the strings on the android beta 2 weeks ago. No context that I could see but :crossed_fingers: there will some movement on that soon

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Hopefully they will go straight to supporting SEPA Instant Credit Transfers, coz I mean why wouldn’t they want to?

Just noticed that on the old layout there is a space for the IBAN below the account number. Coming soon™️™️?


Yes, just saw this today!

I want my IBAN!!! :weary: - Gotsta get paid :moneybag:

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Between Monzo and other EU banks there is a big fee tho (not that it is related specifically to Monzo or something. In general there is a big fee for that kind of transfers)…
There is IBAN anyways. You can get a glimpse of it here:

SEPA Credit Transfer is supported.
SEPA Direct Debit is not supported.
B2B is not supported.
SEPA Instant Credit Transfer is not supported.

How reliable is this IBAN calculator? What I mean is say I supply the IBAN from this to my employer, would it affect the speed in which I’m paid/get paid at all?

I really don’t know…probably the best thing to do is to ask someone from Monzo via in-app chat.
As far as I know IBAN (for Monzo) is kinda not officially announced yet (but it works…not all “features” tho).

I mean…

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That tweet was over a month ago and still no official announcement… :thinking: wonder what went wrong

I’d guess nothing. Euros only is a partial feature. I’d wait for a full release (full connection, multi-currency) to announce it.

And hopefully SEPA Instant Credit Transfers too.

Is this situation sorted out yet? I joined Monzo because everyone was telling me how good it was for people who travel… but it seems it’s best for tourists who don’t work in other countries, and therefore get paid from other countries. This is a huge drawback and I couldn’t really recommend the ‘bank’ to any of my peers. A real shame.


By the look of things there’s an area in the app for IBAN now.

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