Modify pending transaction amount

Add the ability to modify as pending transaction amount. This would reflect on your balance, enabling more accurate monitoring of cash flow. It would also negate the need for a later transaction when the true amount is taken, unless the payment is different to the value you set.

Can you provide a real world example of this please? Not sure I’m quite following the use case in the hypothetical

I got on the bus earlier and the company charged me £1 pending.
It would be great if I could specify that it is actually £3.
That would then take £3 off my balance and I wouldn’t get a random notification in a few days when the amount updates

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Thanks for the example

Others would know better, but I would wonder about the regulatory implications of that. I reckon it would be fine to add an indication, but changing the amount up front feels more problematic

We should lobby the FCA to ban offline payments.

Problem solved.

and countless more problems created.