Mobile World Congress 2018

(Simon B) #1

So MWC starts on Sunday and most of the big players in mobile will be there.

Huawei, Samsung, Sony, Nokia and Asus all have press conferences to announce new stuff. Samsung of course will be announcing the S9 and S9+, and Sony’s new devices have leaked too.

Nokia stole the show last year with the revived 3310 and looks to continue the trend this year by bringing back the Sirocco branding with a stunning looking new device!

HTC are expected to announce some updates to Vive as well, and there’s a rumor that Google will have a big AR/VR presence as well.

Anything in particular you’re looking forward to hearing about? Is anyone here actually attending?

(Mega Charizard) #2

Obviously for me Samsung Galaxy S9+ and also interested if Google do anything as well as find them great to follow.


A lot of awful companies will be showing off their latest innovations in crapware instead of letting stock Android shine.

Also scammers mobile carriers will be demoing their latest magic boxes bought from Ericsson that can supposedly do 5G but will completely fail in production due to poor management and capacity planning. :joy:

(Mega Charizard) #4

Id prefer a more stock android expierence but at same time ive had a SG5 then a Nexus then a SG8+ and have found that Samsung have finally made there software compliment android compared to the S5 which was a nice phone but software wise felt bloated.


I used to go every year, but it turned into a boring procession of identical Android phones, so I stopped.


Lack of decently priced stock Android devices was the reason i switched to iOS last year after my Nexus 5 started having problems.

I wish i’d waited as Xiaomi released the Mi A1 a few months later.

I received my Mi A1 on Wednesday and sold my iPhone SE. Happy to be back on Android.