Mobile networks

The threat of Apple getting rid of the sim tray eventually will mush them on. I would have expected Apple to have been tempted this year in Europe but who knows how the roll out elsewhere is going.

It’s been a year since that happened and other than a few MVNOs offering eSIM the landscape pretty much stayed the same. O2 is making very slow changes.

Oohh… £1.30 of extra charges, I wonder what they are?

Meesages, huh? Well, let’s see then!

Oh wait… there are no “extra charges”

Nothing? that’s great, thanks O2

Virgin Media O2 UK Tackles Data Poverty with Free WiFi Service - ISPreview UK

Nail on the head here… o2 are shit, I get 4mbps in the office - if it works at all - it’s a shame I am out of data on Lyca mobile. If I do get a higher speed it’s inconsistent and will quickly drop back down


I think O2s problem isn’t just backhaul, it’s the lack of bandwidth deployment.

They have a lot of it, but don’t use it, which causes a crap experience.

I think I read on ISPreview they’re on about changing that.

But O2 and Vodafone being reliant on band 20 for so long has really come back to bite them.

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I sometimes can’t even do a simple google search, takes multiple attempts, truly a great network
, so glad I chose them after moving off EE (for the double broadband speed) wish I hadn’t bothered

I was going to upload a picture. But it won’t upload. Thanks o2!


Can’t even load Twitter to complain about o2 on o2. They’ve done it!!! They’ve perfected the perfectly shit network


Do we just want to spin off an anti-O2 circlejerk thread at this point?


EE UK Preps Upgrades to Enhance Anti-SPAM and SCAM Filters - ISPreview UK

Every mobile network needs that, hopefully the EE NVMO’s get access to that


Three has had it a long time.

Since 2021 or earlier.

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Three added it, EE implies they are improving what they already did, but Three didnt work well when I was on Three, I got enough spam calls and texts to be annoying although I did report them all.


I don’t get much any more which is nice, but some years ago I used to get sooooo many. Think I even changed my number once because of it :joy:


Vodafone UK Stops Selling Mobile Plans with 83 Roaming Destinations - ISPreview UK

Oh Vodashit, when will you learn, expect to lose customers over this

Gonna get my mate on this. We go away next month for 11 days and he’s on Three, £2 something a day vs £2.95 a month for 15gb including EU roaming.

Will save a fortune!


Every time I think of EE I get reminded of the ball and chain tying me down. I don’t want to pay for roaming and I also don’t want to have a B-class (C? Z?) carrier.

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It’ll be less “Carl turn your hotspot on pleeeeeeeease” for all 4 of us going away.

1 doesn’t have mobile data even here in the UK (no idea why).

The other two will be seeing costly charges per day.

I’m O2 :eyes::melting_face:


Or, just buy a three PAYG sim, for £15, and it’s cheaper than either! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not sure how £15 is cheaper than £2.95 :melting_face:

He can cancel it when we get back, won’t use a ton of data, certainly not 15gb out and about, but will make it easier for him.

Not going to entertain the other two technophobes about it :joy:

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Oh - I misread it as both being per day … my bad! :pray:

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If it was outside EU, Three payg absolutely wins.