Minimum Wage Rise

Personally I welcome this rise, though there are many on Twitter who think businesses will somehow fail on mass due to this.

(As an aside, this was an argument against the inception and broadly has never materialised ever).

Though I do think we need to get away from paying people under 25 less. An hour’s work is an hour’s work in my opinion.


If only a lot of bosses had that opinion


Definitely good that it is going up, and, yes, it will cause difficulties for some businesses, especially those in the hospitality sector.

Another consideration is that many of those on minimum wage also claim UC and other benefits which will be reduced accordingly, by as much as £0.63 in the pound.

Not to mention the £20pw UC cut.


I saw an interesting argument today that the clock should start for work when you leave the house.

So you should be paid for your time commuting to work.

I’ve never considered this and it actually makes sense :sweat_smile: Not that it will ever happen but thought I’d share it.

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BRB. Moving 3 hours from the office.


It would suck for us working at home people. It would be the most sloth like movement from my bed to my desk every morning :rofl:

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This is definitely the financial calculation by the Treasury. It’s perverse that having more people on UC because of austerity then covid means it’s politically palatable to Tories to up the minimum wage. Sick


I don’t think commuting should be included but I do think in some professions you should be paid the moment you start “working”.

For example where I work if I am doing a shift from 07:00-19:00, I need to be at my desk pressing a button at 07:00.

Before then I need to get to work, change into uniform (which I cannot do at home), log into the computer, log into the relevant systems, check and action my emails and sign on with a supervisor.

All of the above I’m not paid for.


A lot of care workers for example, only get paid when they arrive at the first persons house.

That could be next door or an hours drive away.


There won’t be a blanket way of covering everyone tbh, so some might need to be case by case.

Many of my colleagues commute 2 hrs a day to work, I thankfully commute about 45 mins - they’d be being paid more than me despite doing the same work?

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I wasn’t disagreeing with you! Just adding to the convo.

It would never work and suddenly there’s incentive to move further from work.

I remember Apple got into a lot of trouble for not paying staff for the time waiting while they were searched after a shop shift. Sports Direct got flack for it too.

Just to be clear, I don’t think it would work either I just saw it and thought it would make an interesting discussion :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m pretty sure if it did, employers would add in mega restrictions. Like some taxi style counter in peoples cars with GPS to make sure they’re not going round the block 10x each day :laughing:

And at 08:00 posting here :wink:


That’s if I’m on a 07:00-19:00 shift. Today I’m on 11:00-23:00.

And I’m on break now, sir :wink:


This is a serious issue if it takes your total wage below the minimum, which with Apple it probably does.

If your total wage including all the extra hours is above the minimum then it just becomes a private matter between you and your employer, as I understand

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Where’s a collective wage agreement when you need one? It won’t be long before they come along