Micro services: organisation, repo and project structure

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Apologies if this is the wrong category for this but I didn’t think it suited any others!

We’re about to start a new project at work and are more than likely going to implement a micro services architecture.

I’m curious to know how other companies, such as Monzo, structure their GIT repositories when implementing this architecture. Do you have a repo per service, are they all in one repo, etc…?

And if you care to share anymore details about the structure and organisation of your projects, I’d be interested to read them!


The InfoQ Podcast: Jason Maude on Building a Modern Cloud-Based Banking Startup in Java

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This information appears correct as of December 2018, but may have changed since then.

In terms of Repo’s, it looks like Monzo has 4 monorepo’s. 1 for backend, 1 for web and 1 for each mobile platform.


Thank you for finding this!

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I loved the Starling podcasts that Jason presented. They convinced me to make the switch over to Starling from my legacy bank. My move to Monzo came later. Hope he’s getting on well over there

Looks like another series is in the offing

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Completely orthogonal, e.g. Google notably operates a monorepo, and more than multiple services that’s multiple products.

That said, a small team’s going to have an overhead in using multiple repos, and many teams within a larger organisation would need more sophisticated tooling to cooperate within a single repository.

In itself though, doesn’t matter.