Micro-saving is the trend that’s making it easier to save little and often

Hey everyone! I’m Roxy - I’ve just joined the Content Team.

Based on the success of past saving trends we’ve written about (like the 1p Savings Challenge) – we thought it would be a good idea to spread awareness of the saving little and often method or ‘micro-saving’ as we know it’s worked for lots of people!

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Hey Roxy :wave: Thanks for the article and welcome to the community too.

I think I’ll give the £1 per day thing a go, it’s a great idea that I can see myself being able to stick to :slight_smile:

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I use the round-up feature and would love to see a multiplier feature for this to boost savings. Can’t do 1p saver challenge on joint accounts though.

For those that get paid monthly not sure I can see any benefit in something like £1 a day, I budget monthly/annually so I would just save £30 a month instead.

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Whilst I get paid monthly and aside from IFTTT I do agree doing the “batch” saving is more beneficial for me I have to admit pots have made it so “incremental” savings is possible and attractive.

I booked a holiday with my friends and decided how much I’d like to bring - worked out how many days it was until the holiday and divided the amount I wanted by days left which gave me a “per day” amount to schedule into a pot - whilst I could’ve done this month by month - because it isn’t “clean” in terms of when I’m going - doing these little savings movements has made it easier to digest if you will.

^ I realise the above may make no sense :rofl::rofl:

I do the 1p saving using IFTTT and find it useful as I don’t notice it the same way I would saving the same amount in once go, feels like I’m not sacrificing to save.

So todays £1.50 went and it wouldn’t have gotten me coffee on the way to work Where as transferring a lump each month that has a more tangible value to it… a new game… new jeans… gig tickets…

The total of the 1p challenge (£667.95) isn’t going to buy me a new car at the end of the year granted but a nice side saving for a raining day or when those tickets go on sale :smiley:.

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