Metro Bank comparison

I tried to open a metro business bank as a backup to our HSBC. (I have probably documented this elsewhere in this forum). 3 trips later I told them I wasn’t coming back.

  • They don’t do appointments for opening, even for business accounts, you are expected to just sit around waiting (or turn up first thing to join their day’s waiting list, and go back later - at best)
  • They have completely insane levels of “computer says no” KYC checks that they do in dribs and drabs - they will stop once they reach a non-problem, you’ll go away, fix it, come back (wait again), they’ll come up with another non-reason they can’t proceed*
  • They want to simultaneously ID in person every single person involved in any serious capacity (directors & >25% shareholders) with your business and have no way of IDing people in stages. They also apparently want to ID in-branch anyone who even just needs a login to the account.

*(“This shareholder could be anyone”
“It’s me”
“but it doesn’t have your middle names”
“that’s companies’ house who’ve done that at some point when they converted to the electronic filings, the original paper filings had all my names”
“but it could be someone else”
“there could also be someone else with exactly the same names as me, what’s your point? My PSC register entry clearly identifies me with all my names and the same %age shareholding”
“but it could be someone else”
“I’m leaving now”)


I think they’re worth noting as for many of us it is part of the comparison. Many of us don’t buy/bank/etc purely on features. Ethics, personal values and community play a huge role too.


Just opened a metro current account online, only opened it to open an isa account it was quick and easy to do but monzo is still a lot quicker + user friendly expecially on a iPhone :calling:.

I’ve got an account with Metro Bank. I find their Security process a little long winded, especially over the phone. I called today to change address and I had to give my acc no, d.o.b, random characters from my password, security number and mothers maiden name and also tell them how I opened the account… thought this was a little overkill… In my Monzo app it took about 15 seconds…


When is Monzo going to float?

We all float down here…


Tried Metro Bank again and was successful this time (got the address sequencing right this time maybe). Have tinkered with it a little bit. As with other posts l find the security process via telephone annoying. Having avoided any human contact in my banking for 10+ years l am finding the whole speak to a human thing a little odd… Could be nice. But right now feels odd.

When l popped in to pick up my card from the Chiswick branch l was staggered just how busy it was with customers (Monday morning at 11am). There was plenty of staff too.

I absolutely hate speaking to Metro Bank over the phone… To change my address took me the best part of 10 mins…and thats not including any waiting time…

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Agreed. They need to apply their ‘no stupid bank rules’ thinking to their telephone processes.

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Their online process are worse… I’ve got a business account with them and raised a ticket 5 weeks ago about an issue. Got no response so sent a follow-up ticket a fortnight ago, still no reply!


Apparently Metro Bank is using AI to help their customers.


Wow! They are really trying hard to gussy up their awful off the shelf technology.

Spotting two transactions and sending a notification is not AI. AI is automatically moving money into your ISA because your account knows it will be spare this month, or pulling it back in from a pot before a direct debit lands.

They don’t mention what exactly will happen if you get double charged at Costa or don’t cancel a free subscription. Will it be annoying online bank notifications, phone calls or letters in the post 5 days later to warn you that you now have an amazon prime recurrence?

How does it know you didn’t buy 2 coffees soon after each other, or whether you want to continue with the prime subscription because you like it? Is this “AI” just going to be pestering you to confirm that everything you do is correct?

It all sounds very half baked and it hasn’t even been shipped, so a bit wrong of them to compare it to Monzo.

To me it just shows they are terrified about no longer being “the” challenger bank.


I agree… They do look like they’re terrified…

If I was them I’d think about actually serving the rest of Britain… Im sure if they started opening up in Northern cities and the rest of the UK they would have a lot more success than just trying to emulate fintech ideas


Very common theme, nowadays, though: everything is cloud and AI…

There’s one opening in Bristol soon

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I’ve heard they are looking for a retail unit in the centre of Cardiff to open this year. I’m not a customer of theirs but looking forward to their change collection machine thing so I don’t have to put it in those little bags

They have a drive though in Slough

does it do coffee too?

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Not sure mate, only ever gone past never stopped

That is because nobody ever wants to stop there :wink:

“Come friendly bombs fall on Slough…”