All-Mobile Banks- just hype?

Thoughts, Monzonauts?

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Probably just jealous that the Monzo app is actually user friendly.

I agree [there’s a shift to mobile] but you have to remember, what’s our number one job in life? To acquire new customers. We’ve got to get you to switch banks.

That is astounding PR! I really feel like they care about their customers.

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Funnily enough hype is what get’s people’s attention & get’s them to switch banks, without having to invest in a costly store to do so -

what’s our number one job in life? To acquire new customers. We’ve got to get you to switch banks. The store is the way we do that and the store is the public face.

It’s a good warning sign when someone’s arguing that something won’t work based on their own numbers, rather than use cases & solutions -

we passed 6 years, we just started making money, and our market cap is £2.6 billion.

& this is just wrong (Monzo’s doing both) :see_no_evil: -

These people are selling you ‘solutions’, not banking.

He’s got a bit of a surprise coming :slight_smile:

It’s also worth noting that one (or more) of the founders of Metro Bank founded Atom which isn’t exactly the model mobile banking solution.

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He mentions that anything a start up bank can do he can do in a minute and a half. Really? Apart from the most important thing, opening an account, I can’t do with Metro unless I visit one of his branches, of which the nearest is 80 miles away (There is life outside London). However I opened a Monzo account online no issues in slightly over a minute and a half.

1-0 Monzo.

I think he might be feeling a bit nervous about a decent challenger!

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“Whatever new fintech idea comes along, it’s relatively easy for us to get it up and running.”

I’ve been a Metro Bank customer for a fair while now with promises of an all singing all dancing mobile app “soon” which hasn’t yet come along in the pipeline; I very much doubt this as fact :wink:

Metro Bank’s app is awful, I remember someone in the branch was boasting how little they spent on the app compared to how much Natwest did when I opened my account. I can’t wait to switch everything over to Monzo :slight_smile:


Given the Metro Bank app hasn’t had an update on the Play Store for almost 4 months, there’s almost a disdain towards mobile. Their app still has a feel of something from the 90’s about it.

I moved to them last year after a long stint with one of the legacy banks, initially because they setup my business account in a couple of hours whereas my legacy bank could only make me an appointment weeks away. Following that, I moved my personal account. Whilst the service in branch is excellent, I think a full mobile offering which adds value and insight to my spending will win over a fancy branch network.


I find Metro’s website (the core internet banking website and not the homepage) severely lacking too; it looks really naff and 90’s. Using a member number and a passcode feels really unsecure too after having a PIN Sentry or using the app as one with Barclays.

I had a really poor experience switching my current account to Metro too with them moving my DD’s over days before taking any money from my old account. I polietly complained that I wasn’t warned of this on the phone and was only isssued with half the documents explaining the switch and got pushed from pillar to post spending over an hour on the phone. I now find the member of staff who signed me up (the branches under manager) now to turn her nose up towards me and be really curt and my complaint came to nothing; leaving a really bad taste in my mouth that they never managed to shake.

Being the ONLY Metro branch in my area, it’s a pain to go in branch now. All of which made Monzo seem a much better prospect and I’m happy to say the one time I’ve needed to chat with anyone from Monzo they were excellent. :grin:

Hurry up and become a fully fledged bank please. :wink:

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It was only a few days ago I was seriously considering them as my first choice for business banking until Tide becomes available.

All these horror stories have completely discouraged me.

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