Metro Bank comparison

True, true. It just seems really odd! I wonder if you could apply in person and get accepted.

I think it is probably my address. My address doesn’t always map well and the Metro site didn’t give me the opportunity to enter the Flat/property number in correct. I find some places super sensitive about address formatting, others less so.

OR when l log into Clearscore now l am in for a surprise :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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LOL, Equifax (Clearscore) is missing most of my accounts. I contacted them, but they didn’t fix it, they just quit replying to me.

I think we can be well beyond a million customers in a much smaller amount of time, but that doesn’t mean we’ll necessarily have the same kind of market cap. There are many variables to consider and I do agree that we’re likely to be valued as a tech company rather than a traditional bank, making it a difficult comparison with the likes of Metro.

Our model should allow for much more rapid growth and easier entry into new countries - obviously the US is one that we’re looking at in the near future. Only time will tell :grinning:


We (my wife and I) have a Metro Bank 5yr mortgage that we got for a good rate. We bought it via Habito (great experience) however some problems with serving it… Metro Bank app cannot let you view your balance, view payments, make overpayments. We basically have a blackbox that we get no updates via any comms channel. Maybe it’s not a major issue but we’re in the dark.

They are in the middle ground between hipster fintech and good ol’ legacy banking - I’m sure they will appreciate the feedback if you give it to them :wink:

That was surprisingly easy…


Took barely 10 minutes. Would’ve been quicker as well, but they didn’t accept my old & badly distorted passport image…

Mmmh…not sure we can sideye Metro when Joshua Kushner, brother of Trump’s son-in-law Jared, has invested £13 million Monzo :wink:


Vernon Hill and Trump have actually hung out together, tho. I’m not sure this should be some huge surprise, given Trump’s pre-weird-presidency past in finance and real estate. But don’t think Vernon Hill is some fluffy nice guy, despite some of the things Metro Bank really is doing right.

Then again, Monzo’s the first bank I’ve ever thought really was doing anything right for a bit of a greater purpose. I have never felt bad being with Metro Bank as I have figured (and still do) that they’re all led by people just like Vernon Hill, just perhaps not as public. And at least Metro has done right by their customers in a lot of ways.

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You mean Josh Kushner the lifelong Democrat who voted for Hillary? :grin:


The fact those idiots don’t make appointments for business account opening is probably the stupidest thing about them.

The fact that they have “computer says no” braindead KYC despite making you go to the branch is the second.

I never managed to get a business account open with them - I won’t be going back. :smiley:


I opened a business account with them surprisingly easily a few years back. It led me to move my personal banking across a few years later until my wholesale move to Monzo recently.

I still keep the account as their “magic money machines” are good for dumping loose change into.

I thought even non-customers could use those… though I’m not sure how that works. Does it dispense notes?

I think it gives you a voucher to go and collect the cash from the desk

It gives you a voucher to take to one of the cashiers to convert to notes or transfer into one of your accounts if you are an existing customer.

Ah, now that I know that I won’t be scared to use one after I close my Metro Bank account at some point in the next 2 weeks.

I always wanted to use one, but was always fearful of a confrontation with staff regarding my not holding an account with them…


If you have a personal accounts it’s probably easier to keep it open.

I still keep my old account open, for this and one direct debit I’ve had no luck in moving to Monzo and eventually gave up trying on (setting up a standing order from Metro to Monzo for it instead).

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Just a thought following today’s results from Metro Bank:

Metro Bank
1.2m account holders (up around 33% on last year)
Market capitalisation: £3bn

Monzo Bank
400,000 (ish) account holders
Market capitalisation: £280m

I’m planning to open a Metro Business account as there’s been no movement on this from Monzo, and I think the business transaction fees from Metro seem fair (it’s basically free for small businesses like me with under 30 transactions per month).

Regarding the above political comments, I’m happy the Metro founder isn’t just another virtue-signalling CEO. Good to see him praise Trump’s business-friendly economic policy (credit where due).

And if the above comments are accurate, and he supports Britain regaining its sovereignty, more power to Vernon :uk:

I’ll update when my Metro Business account is up and running.


Any chance we can keep the politics and flag waving out of this forum please?