Merge Coconut with Monzo for Business Accounts

Coconut is doing and excellent job creating business bank account for Sole Traders and Small Businesses as it already estimate your taxes and other bits and pieces.

I know know . . . I’m just throwing the idea out there . . .


Not on coconuts latest value £8.5m surely Monzo can use the recent capital to build out quickly to gain ground most cost effectivly

the basic account is built assuming they can over lay functions onto the current account

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So you’d normally acquire to either buy the technology, the customer base or the team.

I don’t know about Coconut’s tech, but it’s unlikely to be a plug and play integration with Monzo’s (and even if it were, it feels intuitively wrong).

On customers, Coconut is just starting out, so no real value there.

The team, and their IP, might be interesting… But would the premium be with the acquihire? :thinking: