If Monzo and Coconut had a baby

I’m a self-employed bod, and I checked out the Coconut account but felt it wasn’t for me at this juncture. However, I’d love it if Monzo had a couple of its features, namely the tax estimates and tax reports. Those would be amazingly helpful!


Have a look at Mettle, it’s just been announced, might fit the bill?

Integration with online accounting firms like Xero via Marketplace could solve this for people like you.
I think Monzo would probably work on this whenever they will have some sort of Business Account. Couple of months ago they were looking for sole traders etc. to interview and see what people need in terms of Business Accounts.

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As much as I’d love a Monzo business account, I can’t see this being launched any time soon, sadly

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Baby names…

  • Monnut
  • Moncoco
  • Zonut
  • Zococo
  • Cocomon
  • Cocozu
  • Nutmon
  • Nutzo

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Just for reference thread below…

Yeah, I saw that, offered to help but guess they’d had enough people already.

Still can’t see this launching any time soon, got the impression they were just doing initial research.

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Coconut were called Monizo once upon a time…


Right now I don’t need all the bells and whistles, quite happy with my old-school Excel spreadsheet and my accordion folder full of paper for the moment. Don’t want to be paying for accounting software or any of that. I’d just like the automatic calculator part that siphons off the right percentage of tax into a dedicated tax and NI savings pot.

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Hahahahaha, who knew that banking could be so much fun?!