Merchant name for AllPay

I pay my rent every month via, every month since 3dsecure was enabled, the merchant name on the 3d secure is different and unrelated to who I am paying.

I’m aware that many merchants use AllPay for handling payments, making this potentially difficult to handle.

Today I had ‘Stonewater Lim’, previously I’ve had what seems like random other rent company names across the country, utility names and some other random stuff.

I’m aware that the name will be wrong, but it’s confusing/concerning when 3dsecure has a completely unrelated merchant name. First time it happened I cancelled the payment because I thought the website had been hacked.

I’ve previously contacted support about this a couple of times, but I imagine thier changes just get overwritten by another staff member.

Could the name just be updated and left as ‘AllPayments’ while a solution is found? It’s a lot more relevant than a random other company name potentially causing users to cancel payments.

Happy to provide more information if required


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