Not sure if this idea has been mentioned before (probably has from a different point of view)

I’d like to see within the ‘home’ section always floating above ‘today’ (and what the current balance is) a feature whereby action like a memo to yourself (like a reminder or an independent note.

For instance/ rational - If I know I need to dedicate a spend to something in the near future/ this month and don’t want to add a pot to reserve the money (and-or working in conjunction with a dedicated pot). However, this memo would say for example “keep £12.50 back for X” by touching the message you could then have more information within the section that allows you to A). ad a reminder, B). more information on the £12.50 to X and C). integrate it with your calendar app (further development of the memo).

I daresay there’ll be opinions, however, just a wee thought :thinking::grinning:

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